Splendid Wren and Eucalyptus – Study in Watercolour

Splendid Wren and Eucalyptus – Study in Watercolour – SOLD

‘Splendid Wren and Eucalyptus’ is my new bird study in watercolour. Set on an A4 sheet, this painting captures the absolutely spectacular splendid wren, set amongst some softly sage eucalyptus in bud and flower. It is a perfectly delicate compliment to the vivid colours of the blue wren.

                                                                                                                    SOLD                                                                     AVAILABLE                                                        SOLD



This piece has its own unique story, as they all do! The original wren illustration was a small bird study created for publication on a range of homewares for Ashdene. Unable to decide on which wren to work with, i offered to provide the client with 4 options to choose from which was fun… i mean i love painting wrens so i was more than happy to take the opportunity to create a lovely little series of these sweet birds. Ultimately the decision was made on the superb wren which is now available in a wide range of products you can enjoy.

With the range now in production, the artworks return to me once more. Sometimes they are developed further into more complex paintings, other times they are sold to clients as beautiful studies as they are and in this case, this wren happened to be just what my client was looking for. She reached out wanting a small wren study to compliment her collection of wren paintings from a variety of artists, and i happened to have just the thing. I showed her the 3 remaining illustrations from the wren series, 1 superb and 2 splendid wren and his time the Splendid Wren was chosen, ready for his moment in the sunshine at last. A good choice indeed.



Lets revisit the splendid chosen wren

                                                                  Here we can see the development of the Splendid Wren Illustration from start to completion, ready for the botanical element to be added

How fantastic it is to pull this wren painting out of the portfolio to lay eyes on him again. Id forgotten how stunning he is and how vibrant the colours are in the flesh. He is alive! Im so happy with this study and Im looking forward to adding the eucalyptus illustration element, and to him finding a home to be so well loved.  Because it was a bird study without any background, it has been fun to work with the client to decide what background to add. After a day of consideration we agreed on adding the eucalyptus, and the addition worked beautifully, providing our wren with a gorgeous botanical surrounding to call home. She was happy, I was happy, so with the elements and composition decided, its time to start painting! Yes, our favourite part as always.

Here you can see the botanical element has been added to the composition. Its a simple addition, but it remains a complex subject to paint well. I adore the colours that will come to this component, soft, warm and earthy. The gentle blue greens of the eucalyptus leaves will tie into the electric blues of the wren, bringing calm to the balance nicely. Next comes the painting, so ill be back with an update of the completed painting for you in a couple of days time… or so! Thanks for following

With the eucalyptus illustration completed, this wren painting comes to a sweet close, ready for its new home.