Kingfisher Study in Watercolour

Kingfisher Study – Watercolour – 21x30cms in size – SOLD

My recent Kingfisher painting workshop in Melbourne certainly posed a challenge for us all with this gorgeous, complex painting subject… By request, this event was booked out in a flash and a gathering of my bravest students bounced in, ready for the task at hand, It was all kinds of challenge with all kinds of triumphs and such a wonderful event in the company of truly beautiful people. Not once did they give up. Nope! No way. Despite the challenges, they persevered, learnt, grew and created some beautiful results for their efforts. Some… even signed up to come back! So, I guess it wasnt all hard labour and frustration after all hahaa. In fact it was anything but. My painting has sold from this event, but I wanted to share it with you here because its such a beautiful subject and painting, entwined with the goodness of creative workshops, learning, and my ever wonderful students. By request, Ill be repeating the Kingfisher events on the Gold Coast over 5 days and again in Brisbane over 3 days with Bienarte in 2024 so let us know if youd like to join me for a new kingfisher challenge in this magical medium then.