Gang Gang Cockatoos and Brachychiton
Splendid Wren and Eucalyptus – Painting in Watercolour
Scarlet Honeyeater and Grevillea in Watercolour
Wren and Dianella in Watercolour
Wren and Waterlilies – Painting in Watercolour
Wren and Lotus – Watercolour Bird Painting
Australian Ringneck Parrot and Eucalyptus caesia – Watercolour Painting
Sunbird and Passionfruit Illustration in Watercolour
Rainbow Bee-Eater and Lotus – Painting in Watercolour
Crimson Rosella and Flowering Gum Painting – Watercolour
Azure Kingfisher and Waterlilies Illustration in Watercolour
Silvereye and Coffee Illustration in Watercolour