Wren and Lotus – Watercolour Bird Painting

Wren and Lotus – Watercolour Bird Painting – 15x15cms – SOLD

A return to my 15x15cm small bird painting series this week has been a wonderful experience, exploring some gorgeous miniature pink lotus and a Jenny Wren for my focus subjects this time. This tiny tale is all about serenity and femininity and what better subjects could reflect these things than a wren and Lotus? A moment captured by the lily pond again, Ill never tire of its beauty. ‘Wren and Lotus’ was sold ahead of time, as is the next… as are the 50 that have come before it now, but if you would like to chat with me about starting your own collection, please let me know and we can secure and create something just right for you. I adore this series and look forward to working with you! Thanks for following 🙏🏻