Online Painting Tutorial – ‘Paint Realistic Watercolour and Botanicals – TOADSTOOLS’ – NOW LIVE!

‘Paint Realistic Watercolour and Botanicals – TOADSTOOLS’ – NOW LIVE!

Yep, its exciting news! My new online painting tutorial ‘Paint Realistic Watercolour and Botanicals – TOADSTOOLS’ is now LIVE and ready for you to enjoy! Youve followed along these past few months as Ive worked steadily away on the course creation, and now its time to pass it over to you for some great new learning at last.

From field work to finished artwork, this course covers it all

Designed as a fun watercolour and botanical painting tutorial, I walk you through the process of creating three different Fly Agaric TOADSTOOL illustrations from start to completion, each with their own unique variations, focal points and wonderful painting lessons to learn. Each captures the magical progression in this subjects stunning life cycle and development, each is a progression in its painting challenge too. Its such an ideal subject to explore.

Starting with the FIELD WORK and a little look at out subject together, we touch on the work and processes behind the creation of our paintings. Familiarisation with a subject is so important, and here Ive bundled the entire experience up for you nicely to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. We talk about the Fly Agaric toadstool in the field, explore a little of its history and character, we touch on TOXICITY and working with potentially poisonous subjects along with plenty of things to be mindful of in this stage of development.

I have created a beautiful DRAWING exercise as a bonus lecture in this online painting tutorial that will help you improve your drawing skills. Breaking this sometimes challenging area of creating down into a series of achievable, simple approaches and strategies for great results. I am confident youll thoroughly enjoy this exercise and come to see how simple it can be! Further more, this insight will help you to adapt and vary your illustrations however you may choose along the way.

Another bonus series of lectures in this online painting tutorial is understanding SCOPE. It was important to me to include this insight at this stage of our learning, to further broaden your perspective and to ease a little more of any anxiety you may be feeling towards learning this craft. You may be surprised how much this consideration may help you along both physically and emotionally through the painting process. Certainly its very helpful to keep this knowledge in mind when approaching any subject, especially when starting out, so I wanted to include a little on this topic here too.

IMAGE TRANSFER AND THE DRAWING UP PROCESS – These lectures look at how we transfer each of our toadstool drawings/images from idea, drawing or reference image to our watercolour paper or board precisely, efficiently and quickly.  This process or approach also helps you to overcome any limitations you have with your drawing skills, eliminating much of this challenge effectively for you with it.

Next we take a pause to consider MASKING FLUID a little more. The Fly Agaric TOADSTOOL is an ideal subject for its use, but so often masking fluid is a challenge for us! In these lectures we cover its use, benefits and challenges a little more as we learn to get the best out of this wonderful but tricky medium. A lecture on its application is included for each toadstool illustration, walking you through this process in preparation for the painting stages.

Here we see TOADSTOOL ONE in process, from drawing, to the various stages of wash, glaze and dry brushing painting techniques to create each element, from pigment RICH to pigment POOR balances, to completion. This is an example of the stages of progression I walk you through for each toadstool subject.

Breaking every process into manageable steps and stages, we learn more about how to create white or light elements on dark backgrounds effectively, a classic painting challenge in watercolour. In each example, we look at my watercolour painting techniques, timing and balances, colour, materials, dark elements, light elements, texture, tone and form to create our finished artworks.

The THREE completed Fly Agaric TOADSTOOL studies we explore in this watercolour and botanical online painting tutorial

With over 14,000 students joining my online painting tutorial journey with me to date, I am very pleased to add my new TOADSTOOLS course to my ‘Paint Realistic Watercolour and Botanicals’ clutch for you to enjoy…. The fifth in my collection so far. My online painting tutorials can be accessed any time from the CLASSROOM tab of my website, so check that out to see more about whats on offer when you have a moment.

It has been a challenging year for everyone everywhere and I feel like this is some small thing I can do to inject a positive, creative, isolation suitable interest and focus to your days. Remember, these courses give you ‘lifetime’ access to learning more about this beautiful medium and genre, at your own pace, where you want, when you want, all from the comfort of your own home. Its self paced and convenient, jam packed with learning, so its pretty ideal! Id like to welcome you all to this excellent next step of learning with me… just follow the link below to access this course and enjoy!

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