Botanical Ink Illustrations – Aussie Hair Package Design

Botanical Ink Illustrations – Aussie Hair Package Design

Always a fine artist first, my dedication to my craft brings many other magical fringe enrichments to my world that I love so much. One thing Ive enjoyed most these past years is taking on such wonderful commercial clients. This was done only once the projects that found me met my work and loves as they are, and the clients I work with have are those who share the same focus and dedication to their vision as I do with mine. In this I have been able to honour my own work amidst meeting the needs of others. This is such a thrill.

Working with clients has taught me so much, broadened my world, my work and my ability to adapt to so many things beyond my own perspective. Definitely it has helped me grow as an artist. The diversity and satisfaction I feel in these projects is fabulous, and helping others to realise their goals and being a part of something bigger than your own vision is incredibly rewarding on so many levels.

My Aloe Vera Ink Illustration, the latest addition to the collection

Working with the AUSSIE hair brand to create a series of botanical ink illustrations for the package design of their range has been a wonderful project that is ongoing as the brand expands, both in innovative products and territory. I have created a around 15 illustrations for the Aussie brand to date, this week adding an aloe vera illustration to the series. Rendered in ink, this elegant botanical study will be featured on a hair conditioning product, the newest in the collection, and I am watching keenly as it prepares to hit even more shelves around the world.

Some of my botanical ink illustrations for the Aussie range

It wasnt until I was working on the new Aloe Vera illustration that I finally got to see where all my work had been going all this time. Many products, packaging, advertisements and animations of the illustrations have been applied to the Aussie brand since I began working on the project, and what a thrill it was to finally stop and see the range. Enjoying the final results after so long is a fun and incredibly satisfying thing to take in, thats for sure. A no1 seller in the UK? I had no idea just how far and how big it had become, my artwork featured on every bottle across the globe. Its quite amazing!

Ive shared the development of the artwork with you before, but today I wanted to share some of the outcomes in how Aussie hair has ultimately applied the illustrations to their modern, slick and dynamic packaging.


And so another project, idea, vision, comes to life and its excellent to see my work playing such a part of that journey. I hope youve enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes snippets of my part in this project and how so much effort, planning, creative teams and time comes together to bring an idea alive. Everyone plays their part and I love the entire process! Thanks again for following along with me here throughout the unfolding of the Aussie illustration project!