Winner of the 2016 Udemy Breakout Instructor Awards!

Winner of the 2016 Udemy Breakout Instructor Awards!

As many of you know, using the Udemy platform I launched my first online watercolour and botanical tutorials in mid 2016 around my own hectic workload to help answer so many of the questions I am asked about my work, techniques, and how to improve your own watercolour painting progress every day.

To date I have two online painting tutorials available  – Studio Basics focuses on the basics of getting started with realistic watercolour and botanical painting. This tutorial seeks to answer everyday studio, materials and painting questions for you, and it introduces you to my own work and processes to build solid foundations to get you started – Chasing Autumn begins the hands on exploration of the beautiful watercolour medium and botanical painting genre. In this tutorial we cover a series of 7 step-by-step Autumn leaf paintings from start to completion. This is a structured, progressive tutorial that touches on washes, glazes and dry brushing and is an ideal introduction to the medium. A third tutorial based on Magnolia Botanical Painting is currently on the drawing board, set for release sometime in 2017

As 2016 drew to a premature ending, I feel overwhelmed by the positivity the tutorials have brought and excited about the progress and enthusiasm Ive experienced with soooo many of my wonderful students! Now with 985 students, students in 61 countries and an average rating of 4.61 from 5 stars overall, I am feeling extremely proud and excited about the success of my tutorials, so evident even at this early stage.

heidi-willis_online-painting-tutorial_watercolour_botanical_watercolor          heidi-willis_online-painting-tutorial_watercolour_botanical

I am even more thrilled to receive the wonderful news that I have been selected as one of Udemy’s Breakout Instructors of 2016! This is a very selective award identifying and recognising three instructors demonstrating outstanding growth on Udemy’s platform in this last year. Udemy also took the time to acknowledge ‘my overwhelmingly positive student feedback’ in announcing me as one of the winners of this award and I am so thrilled to have my hard work recognised in such a way.


Congratulations to the other winners for 2016… Certainly, I look forward to growing this further in 2017, and to crossing paths with you all again on this wonderful painting journey together. Wishing you all a very happy, healthy, creative new year!