Gouldian Finch and Lotus Painting in Watercolour (2)

‘Gouldian Finch and Lotus Painting in Watercolour’ (2) – 15x15cms – Watercolour – SOLD

A second ‘Gouldian Finch and Lotus’ Painting in watercolour is on my studio table and I am just as excited about this study as the last. Layout can take quite a lot of time and sometimes if youre lucky, you have more than one option you come to like. In this case, I really couldnt decide on the black headed Gouldian or the red, so I have decided to create these two as a pair. The first featured the black headed Gouldian, this time my focus is on the red, resting amongst the same dwarf white lotus. I think itll make a beautiful pair and will certainly be a wonderful addition to this series. As always, we step into the painting process with the drawing and we see this humble beginnings below and Ill be back soon with the rendering of the bird.

In this step my focus is on the brilliant colours of the Gouldian Finch, the variation this time being the red head. The colours are so extraordinary and brilliant, its difficult to find pigments clear and bright enough to serve the purpose adequately. To achieve the complexity of colour and texture this subject presents, I must also work with great complexity in colour and application techniques. Layers increase the intensity, developing intricate texture as I go. So here I have the completed Gouldian Finch illustration, so very beautiful.

Ive been working away steadily on the Lotus background of this painting, a gorgeous balance of balance and tone. I love how dynamic the mix is, drifting from the white flowers to the grey shadows of distance, as well as the dieback of the leaf edges. The small bud is a nice addition to this combination, i think, too. So here we have the finished product, ready for its new owner to enjoy. I really have enjoyed these two, and its such a nice thing to know it will leave me and go into new hands with the same love.

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‘Gouldian Finch and Lotus Painting in Watercolour’ (2), 15x15cms in watercolour isnow SOLD. Let me know if you have any questions about this ongoing small bird painting series