Gouldian Finch and Lotus Painting in Watercolour (1)

Gouldian Finch and Lotus – 15x15cms – Watercolour – SOLD

Gouldian Finch and Lotus is my current focus, the next in my 15×15 cm series of small bird paintings in watercolour… and isnt the Gouldian Finch just the most outrageously beautiful small bird imaginable? I believe so! I mean what a creation. I illustrated him in my finch series from a few years back and since then Ive been dying to return to the subject. Initially I was going to pick up on that series again, A4 focal subjects with no background, but Ive been enjoying my 15x15cm series so much I decided to keep working on this collection for now, which will soon include several finches in the mix.

Above we see the initial 8 Finch painting series, a fantastic commission and collection indeed… I really must return to it dont you think? Where does the time go. You can see more on this series coming together here.

For the new Gouldian study I have decided to illustrate him amongst the Lotus, one of my absolute favourite subjects on Earth. Since the release of my Lotus Painting Tutorial, I havent returned to the lotus subject too much, so I am very excited about this elegant mix. Being such a tiny bird, I will be working from reference of the tiniest lotus Ive ever seen, from the Wallis Creek Nursery. They specialise in these dwarf lotus which hold all the glory and splendour of the full size lotus in pint size. Some of these buds and seed heads are the size of my thumbnail, and for this subject the small scale works very well.

Composition is one of those things that seems easy in hindsight. Design and to create a beautiful layout is not simple at all. It takes times, even for these small works and this is all the work that goes on behind the scenes, for hours, days, sometimes even weeks depending on the work, that we never see. In tiny works there are plenty of challenges, but for me it keeps my work and ideas no simpler! Its funny. We simply have our natural hand and voice and it speaks its truth with every expression. For this piece I love the wild colour of the Gouldian amongst the simplicity of the white lotus. The dark, moody depths beyond in this piece bring a beautiful dynamic contrast to the story. Now ive drawn the painting up, its time to start bringing that story to life.

The Gouldian Finch sets the tone sporting vibrant greens, yellow, turquoise blue and that striking mauve breast. This Gouldian had a black head, but its pair, yet to come, has the red. What a tricky little guy he is to paint! No surprises there of course, but I am very pleased with how he turned out. With the bird illustration complete, its time to get my botanical on and tackle the lotus background. The reference for this finch element came with thanks to Fredy Villalon. Thank you for the support Fredy 🙏🏻

Ive jumped right in to the rich, moody darks of the deep background, keen to explore the rich contrasts, colour, depth and tone. I have picked my way through tangled leaf sections, stems of fresh green and earthy ochres and slatey grey soft focus areas to reveal only the two main leaves, a seed capsule and of course, the two white lotus to come. Its at a nice point for an update. Ill be back in a little while with the completed painting. I love this one!

Gouldian Finch and Lotus is now complete. I love this one so much, I think ill work on another… perhaps the red head this time.

Thank you so much for following along 🙏🏻



‘Gouldian Finch and Lotus’ is SOLD but let me know if you have any enquiries on this series