Citrus Illustration – Archie Rose GIN Label

Citrus Illustration – Archie Rose GIN Label – Acrylics

Whilst my latest and largest book illustration project continues, other projects continue to come in and out of my studio too and I am so pleased I can finally share some of my current work with you again. Despite being so busy, it has been too long! This week my focus returns to one of my wonderful clients, Archie Rose. Recently I produced a series of beautiful Poorman’s Orange illustrations in watercolour for Archie Rose’s limited edition gin bottles, which was such a fun project to be a part of.

My last series for Archie Rose – The Poorman’s Orange in watercolour

Continuing in this vein, were now ready to release the next LE gin featuring the visual and taste delights of the Sunrise Lime. Its a wonderful flavour i am sure! As a painting subject it has also been a wonderful focus to play with, exploring it in acrylics this time around. With such clean, crisp and vibrant colours, I am certainly looking forward to seeing this series hit the bottles and shelves as the last.

As all projects begin, we started with a brief that included a very rough thumbnail or concept that the client ultimately wants to achieve. As an illustrator and artist, it is my job to then bring this to life for them, developing the thumbnail from roughs to drawings and finally the finished artwork. This finished artwork will then be taken into the graphic design process to create the labels for the gin bottles. It is a process that I love being a part of! Here we see the template for the label design. This gives me a very clear understanding of branding, content and elements needed, placement and styling to start designing the artwork around. You can see my refined thumbnail drawings from this following.

There needs to be 4 illustrations in total, one x 2 fruits on a small branch, 1 x single fruit and 2 x leaves, a cross section of the sunrise lime and 2 additional leaves. Whilst keeping the styling aligned, weve chosen to work with acrylics this time just for a change of pace. Its a perfect subtle point of difference between the last and the new range. With the elements isolated and the drawings approved, we move on to the painting process. Here we see the concept developing from start to completion of the artwork

And finally we have the completed Sunrise Lime artworks. They have been brought to life beautifully and are ready to go off to my client, the graphic designers, the printers, onto the bottles, on to the shelves ready for us to enjoy. I cant wait to see this project develop now it is time to leave my studio and hands. Ill be back with an update on the finished product in due course… Cheers!

The final Sunrise Lime artworks, fruit, branches, cross sections and leaves

botanical illustration label design
The finished product, Archie Roses’ LE Sunrise Lime Gin

The complete collection, Poorman’s Orange, Sunrise Lime and Lemon Scented Gum