Online Botanical Painting Tutorials – Collaboration with Eckersley’s Art Supplies

Online Botanical Painting Tutorials – Collaboration with Eckersley’s Art Supplies – Its such wonderful news!

Its still very early days into the launch of my Online Botanical Painting Tutorials, but it has kicked off to such a positive start that it leaves me feeling excited and really inspired, thinking about how and where I can take this in a bigger picture. With no plans of slowing down on the botanical painting tutorials, I was completely thrilled when Eckersley’s Art Supplies approached me last month, excited about my work and ideas, offering to back me in bringing my vision to fruition. New doors open, new possibilities and opportunities have already begun to blossom… these are certainly exciting times.

The message read ‘Were not only loving your work, but the effort you have taken to produce your tutorial and to share your love of such a beautiful medium… We want to get behind anything you do’. First and foremost, our recent collaboration has seen the development of a Complete Student Materials Kit to offer those engaged in my painting tutorials. Its a wonderful initiative that saves so many headaches, and this really makes me happy to announce.

Designed as a one-stop-shop, the kit includes everything listed in the materials list for the Studio Basics tutorial and seeks to resolve so many of the sourcing materials problems you’re likely to face. This will not only put you on the same page and optimise the benefits you get from the watercolour painting tutorials, this initiative will save you so much time, money, uncertainty and unnecessary drama in this department. The kit comes at a reduced price and can be shipped internationally making the entire process as simple, streamlined and time saving a process as I can make it for you. The Materials Kit is available through Eckersley’s Online store… just select the item and checkout, its that simple!

To keep up to date with my Online Botanical Painting Tutorials news you can now visit the new CLASSROOM section of my website. Here you can see what online painting tutorials are available, access those courses directly (and at a discounted rate) and you can also learn about my ‘coming soon’ projects. Information and access to the Complete Student Materials Kit is made simple from this location too, just click on the image then ‘view more’ and you’re there!

I received a wonderful surprise visit at my home from Eckersley’s this afternoon too. A knock at the door amongst all my busyness revealed a sweet man sporting an Eckersleys badge, bearing gifts of new and delicious Winsor and Newton products to experiment with… but dont worry, if i find gems amongst the new ill be sure to share it with you! Having such an incredible endorsement as this is such a huge vote of confidence for in all I put myself into, an incredible acknowledgement of all Ive achieved and a show of support in my vision going forward. Collaborating with such a strong company as Eckersley’s are brings worlds of new dimensions and possibilities to us all and Im so excited to be building something so positive for everyone along the way… That said… I better get back to work hey?

Thank you for your support and happy painting 🙂