Hawthorn and Scarlet Robin Painting in Watercolour

Hawthorn and Scarlet Robin Painting in Watercolour – 15x15cms – Available

Whats next in my drawing board?

Adding another to my hugely popular series of 15x15cm small bird studies is my Scarlet Robin painting in watercolour. Inspired by my recent travels in Tasmania, this painting captures the magical red berries that grow along the roadsides of Launceston and the spectacular Scarlet Robin. Although a weed perhaps, these stunning red berries have long enticed me, borders and hedges dripping with a textural collection of brilliant fruits, lichens, texture and colour. Someday I shall make the time to paint these Ive thought to myself every visit to the area, and finally, today is the day! The robin is one found in these parts, an equally spectacular and enticing subject to explore. Together they will make a wonderful composition of colour, boldness and beauty and I am excited to bring this piece to life.

This Scarlet Robin painting is inspired by many things, but once again but my friend Peter Caddys wonderful bird photography. Sharing our common loves is a beautiful marriage and enhancement to our work, and its excellent to be able to share the combination with you here. Such s gorgeous small Australian bird, I am looking forward to exploring its divine palette and complex textures in this piece. The intensity of his scarlet belly will play nicely into the hands of its red berry surroundings. What a magical natural world we live in with such a smorgasbord of beauty around us!

composition and drawing

And so i begin, playing for a ridiculous amount of time even now, just to create a composition I am happy with. I want it to be dynamic, bold but simple (relatively), capturing the beauty of these subjects and the many happy memories I have attached to these subjects.  With the composition decided its time to refine the details and create a precise graphite drawing ready to paint. This one is so very intricate, so a steady hand is needed, even for the early drawing stages. Much of this painting will draw on my observation and emotional recollections of my subject from field to the studio, so many miles away now. Thats ok, its all there, locked away in my head and heart and although I am still creating this piece around my major project, I am ready to start bringing this scarlet robin painting to life between all things. Thank you for following!

For the first step of my Scarlet Robin painting, we have the drawing

Next we have the rendered bird, the aptly names Scarlet Robin… what a sweetie!

Theres no fast or easy way around painting realistic berries, but perseverance and enjoying the process helped me get through a couple of long studio days in repetition! A new element is complete as my reward and im very happy with the outcome of this extremely challenging subject. The colour doesnt show so well online with so much of the subtlety lost. but i love the delicate differences in my reds, orange reds in the scarlet robin, pink and violets in the cherry coloured hawthorn berries. Its a delightful combination… So with this day coming to a close just in time for the new day to arrive, its time for a little rest.

Here we have the next stage completed with the addition of the branches and hawthorn berry stalks. Its a gentle dance of subtle colour shifts and a delicate touch but the difference it makes to the painting is enormous! Its a small study, the work is painstaking but the love affair is the strongest language, the satisfaction of watching it emerge the greatest focus.

The next update sees the leaf detailing completed. Weathered greens, earthy blemishes, scarred by the cold climates and environment brings excellent interest to the story of the hawthorn. As an artist, i love to explore these personalities, reflecting the broader beauty and variation of my subjects. Next comes the background!

The completed Scarlet Robin and Hawthorn painting