Wren and Waterlily Painting in Watercolour

Wren and Waterlily Painting – 15×15 cms – Watercolour – SOLD

‘Wren and Waterlily’ is my newest focus, another in my beautiful and certainly very popular 15x15cm series of small bird paintings in watercolour. Ive lost count again, but I believe this piece is the 51st in the series, with all but 2 that kinda got caught up in the whole Covid snagging, sold. Personally I love this series. I love creating the works, each a tiny but in depth deep dive into stunning subjects and combinations, but I also just love the series. These are such variable, beautiful treasures of paintings that are a gorgeous size for an artwork. Exquisite and quite affordable, this collection continues to delight me, and you guys too it seems! Definitely it continues to grow and so we step into the newest love affair of the blue wren and white waterlilies. What a wonderful combination of subjects to dive into. Sold ahead of time once more, its clear my client has superb taste in her wildlife loves! With the layout complete, the drawing ready to go, its time to share this journey with you all too.

This is a male Variegated Wren with his wonderful blue head, orange shoulder and fabulous tail feathers that stand tall, proud and gorgeously from his tiny fluff ball of a body. He is sweet and bright with a gentle expression and I am really pleased with how he has come together. A painting in itself, I will continue to develop this artwork further, creating a stunning white waterlily surrounding for him to belong in… its time for some lilly padding! Thank you again to Pete Evans for the use of this beautiful wren reference 💙

Here we have the early stages of the waterlily plant coming together. Its a wonderful tangle of leaves, stems, water and weed collecting to a delicious mix of colour, texture, tone and colour. I love backgrounds that have the intense depth and contrast in them and even though this painting is small, it still packs a beautiful punch.

Now we have a simple snapshot from my phone so the colours become a little less luxurious and delicate. The colours are more like the image above but you can see that the waterlily pads or leaves are in now too leaving just the flowers to render. Yesterday was 40 degrees, today almost as hot so I will complete those as soon as the temperatures drop to manageable… As it is right now, were sweating enough to make an actual pond! We dont want that. So close, so close now, itll cool down soon.

The finished piece. ‘Wren and Waterlilies’ in watercolour is all done and set to fly away to his new home. I hope youve enjoyed following along with this painting, ive really enjoyed it myself and I am confident the new owner will for many years to come too. Its a nice thought 😊