Wren and Lotus – Watercolour Bird Painting

‘Wren and Lotus’ – 15x15cm – Watercolour – SOLD

‘Wren and Lotus’ joins my 15×15 centimetre watercolour painting series of small bird studies. A gentle moment of two especially serene subjects, designed for simplicity, beauty and feminine gentleness. To me this feels like a heart and soul piece, and stepping into this painting I feel very peaceful and calm, keen to fall into such a lovely space to create. With the layout decided upon and the drawing complete, Ill step into this sweetest little jenny wren element to set the scene for this painting. Here we have a part of the drawing, all ready for rendering.

Todays studio day has been spent sweating it out as the summer temperatures climb into the 30s outside. Gotta love a good Aussie summer hey? No matter to me, I rarely leave my studio regardless of what goes on around me, though I have run out to the pool to dip my arms into the water from time to time today which has been perfect. Along the way my little lady has emerged from the white of the paper, a million tiny strokes and colour shifts later and Im feeling pretty pleased with the way she has taken shape. She is soft and mousey but she sings with licks of mauve, warm yellow and clear soft blues to complete her tale.. and tail. Born of a hot summers day, if she were out in the lotus pond today, shed be taking shelter beneath the umbrella leaves and cooling water for sure. Thank you to Phillip Start of Philshar Photography for the wren reference to work from. I love her!

Moving on I focus on the pink lotus flower illustration for the surrounds. This is just a quick phone shot but it gives you a glimpse into this stage of the paintings development, and of my working palette. I always love the contrast of these things in my studio. One seems chaotic, the other immaculate. To me its simply a process of detangling one into the other. Somehow the pink lotus flower emerges with wonderful clarity and warmth, settling my little jenny wren into her dreamy environment so nicely.

With the wren and lotus flowers completed I am left with the leaves and background, its bright blue greens and rich shadowy depths bringing new dimension and interest to the picture, as well as some really wonderful texture as I capture the beautiful undersides of the lotus leaves… the lotus has it all as a painting subject, and here, even in this little painting study, I love that it shows so many facets of its beauty. This is just what the client wanted too, a little taste of everything, flowers, leaves, buds, background and of course, this sweet jenny wren all pretty in pink. So here we have the final painting, another gorgeous moment on the lotus ponds captured. With that, its time for this lady to fly away to her new home โค๏ธ


‘Wren and Lotus’ is SOLD

With work very often selling before completion or ahead of time as this painting was, why not reach out and have a chat with me to see whats coming up next. Alternatively we can discuss creating something just right for you and can kick start your very own collection of beautiful original paintings together.