Watercolour Bird Painting Workshop – Melbourne

Watercolour Bird Painting Workshop – Melbourne

Settling into our studio space and our bird painting workshop


Weve been enjoying our Melbourne visit very much, as we always do in this beautiful, vibrant and character filled city. Over the weekend Ive been working with an absolutely wonderful group of students, joining me here to learn about the challenges of small bird painting and the wonderful experience of working in the watercolour medium. They did so well and were a pleasure to be with through and through. A group like this, open hearted, open minded, willing and full of fun and enthusiasm allows me to delve deep, cover a lot of ground and really lay some solid foundations to build on for students, and despite this visit being brief, we did just that. Birds are a difficult challenge to paint… to paint well at least… but it so satisfying to rise to the challenge of it.

Students rising to the challenge so beautifully


Our focus for this painting workshop has been the Yellow Robin, with a beautifully soft purple grey head, deep, bright eyes and sensational yellow belly to explore and capture. Its a perfect subject for small bird painting, covering some excellent colour use, creating texture and all the essential watercolour painting techniques needed to illustrate small birds well. Much was learned!

My beautiful students, well deserved smiles


Quality events like these come when you have the right, hard working, committed people to work with… and I sure have some wonderful people I work with I must say. Working with Gillian from Artable Studio lets me step into events seamlessly and run excellent workshops for my students, knowing that every attention to detail taken care of along the way. This is not only true of my own experience working with Artable, but so importantly for me, I have 100% peace of mind knowing that my students will be so well taken care of too and thats so important to me.

Weve worked closely together for about a decade to bring not just a wonderful learning experience together, but a greater art community along the way too, and every student is a valued part of this for us. We have some exciting things coming up on our horizon including a 3 day FROG PAINTING workshop and a 2 day BUTTERFLY ILLUSTRATION workshop on the Gold Coast mid year. If youd like to do both, theres the 5 day option to do both workshops at a reduced price too. Excitingly, there are some whispers of a pretty remarkable and unique painting workshop retreat experience coming up a little further down the track for anyone wanting to return to Tasmania for a fully immersive creative experience so stay tuned for more on this!

Thank you Melbourne for having me back, and thank you to every one of my students who came along this weekend. From far and wide, you were a joy to work with and I hope to see you all again very soon ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป


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