Scarlet Honeyeater Illustration in Watercolour

Scarlet Honeyeater Illustration, 15x15cms in Watercolour – SOLD

Scarlet Honeyeater is my focal subject for my current painting, an intricate study in reds capturing another magical moment in an Aussie garden… How we are so surrounded in such an abundance of beauty. Rendered in watercolour, it is a wonderful thing to return to my miniatures series after so long working on my commissions. 48 12×16 inch artworks has kept me steadily consumed for the last 2 years, a blessing over covid here, but now it is coming to a close I am relishing a return to my usual loves. I have many!

This little Scarlet Honeyeater is so magical to me, so tiny, sweet and colourful and such a perfect subject for me to capture. The reference image for the bird comes with massive thanks to the very talented photographer Pete Evans who so generously allows me to reference his images for my work. The brachychiton is one I photographed close to home on a perfect day, the gentle light really showing off its delicate side amongst its raging flaming red on mass. I love this tree but I often describe it as a delicious nightmare to paint with its crazy intricacies and complexities and wild yet subtle palette. Its right up my alley.

The challenge, as is so often the case, is exploring the intensely delicate balance of camouflage. We see this many many times in nature of course, trying to capture this red subject in a red surrounding, honouring each subjects story individually, and in cohabitation without loosing either is a challenge. I love red, striking and beautiful, this is my kind of challenge and I feel very confident it will come together with stunning intensity and beauty. This time I am exploring new colours in my palette which is fun too, working with scarlet reds for the honeyeater and bright reds and pinks in delicate balances for the brachychiton to truly explore the diversity of red in this study.

Ive lost track now but this is around my 26th painting in this 15x15cm series, all have sold bar 1 and this one… so a very popular collection! For me this series are all about being exquisite, getting into the colours, textures and every little detail like an addict! So this one is available, just let me know if youd like to call it your own and we can work out the rest together. I also have some of my previous paintings in this series available in print if youd like to check those out… In the meantime, enjoy watching it unfold with me here, or on my social media pages, starting with the drawing and rendering of the bird


Here we see the completion of the scarlet honeyeater, ready to move on to the brachychiton surround. Tiny brushes, many many strokes…

scarlet honeyeater bird illustration

With the brachychiton flowers element complete, I move on to the leaves to complete this painting

Finally we come to the completion, the luxurious blue green leaves against the intricacy and complexity of the tangle of tiny brachychiton flowers. Its so delicious!

‘Scarlet Honeyeater and Brachychiton’ measures 15x15cms in size and is now SOLD. Let me know if you have any questions about this sweet miniatures series ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป