Crimson Rosella and Flowering Gum Painting in Watercolour


Crimson Rosella and Flowering Gum Painting -Watercolour – 10x14in – SOLD



Continuing on with my little run of classic natural styled 10×14 inch watercolour studies of late, ‘Crimson Rosella and Flowering Gum’ is set to become my latest addition to this beautiful collection. Ill be creating this rosella painting in watercolour, a study of subject, bold colour and texture youll want to reach out an touch… I hope! At least that is my plan, my goal, and I am feeling that perfect mix of enthusiasm and uncertainty within that keeps you in a state of perpetual learning. Its a healthy state, a sweet spot for those wanting to progress in ones ability.

I have been thoroughly enjoying these recent natural history studies, taking the opportunity to really delve into exquisite detailing with each one. The fresh white backgrounds are so clean and elegant, placing the spotlight directly on the focal subjects of each painting. Stepping away from the kingfisher paintings for just a moment… owww it hurts… the Crimson Rosella brings equally bold colour and beauty to the table.

I will return to more kingfishers before long, I simply MUST, but upon seeing this flowering gum in its prime yesterday, it has caused me to take a brief detour in order to capture this magnificent subject while its inspiration sits so firmly with me. Its what I love most about these smaller paintings, being able to move through paintings with the shifting inspirations of the moment. Taking this to the studio now, I have created the drawing/layout/composition and its time to step in and bring colour and life to the white of the paper…. First stop, the rosella illustration.





My Crimson Rosella is finished at last… I seem to say this often, but it is definitely NOT an easy subject to illustrate, especially in watercolour but Ive put the last tricky, minute brushstrokes down on this little guy now and I am very happy with how it is looking. The palette of reds and blues are equally as complex using many pigments in each section to create colour interest and diversity.

Arent they spectacular birds, such beautiful natured too and I think Ive captured the personality of them quite well thankfully. Its one thing to be accurate in ones illustrations, another to capture its personality and nature.ย Of course the rest of this study is no easier, tackling the branch of luxurious, outrageously vibrant red flowering gum the rosella sits in next… but that sounds right up my alley doesnt it! So now I shall pop my bird artist cap aside momentarily and return to botanical illustration once more.

๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป My Rosella bird reference comes with the help of my friends at PhilShar Photography








Reaching the end of the next stage, I have completed the branches of the flowering gum and the gum blossom element are also in, for the most part. A little fine tuning comes in with the addition of the gum leaves but for now this stage is at its end. I think it has a really lovely fall and flow to it, beautiful and graceful creating a lovely diagonal that mirrors the rigid structure of the rosellas tail feathers in such a perfectly chaotic, freeform way. The soft red of the flowering gum mirrors the intensity of the red of the parrot in just the same manner… Ahhh, the balances of nature are always so divine. This is the story I love of these subjects and of this painting.









The addition of the luscious blue green gum leaves leaves brings a whole new balance to this rosella illustration, intensity, structure and a calming shift from the wonderful intensity of the reds, both of the rosella and of the outrageously spectacular gum blossom. It comes as no surprise to me, but what a brilliant combination of classic Australian wildlife this has turned out to be. I expected to like this piece but I am actually happier with the final result than Id even anticipated. At this size, its boldness, freshness and with such eye capturing subjects, Its going to be absolutely striking on the wall of its forever home… Thank you all for following along with me on this ‘Crimson Rosella and Flowering Gum’ natural history study. I appreciate you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป







My ‘Crimson Rosella and Flowering Gum’ painting has been rendered in watercolour on a 10x14in sheet. With all others sold in this series so far, Let me know if youd like to know more on this collection and we can set the wheels in motion… thanks!