Bumblebee Painting Tutorial Coming Soon – PATREON

Bumblebee Painting Tutorial – Coming Soon

The finishing touches are going in on my newest painting lesson to share with my community, set to go live on PATREON on March 8.

This sweet ‘BUMBLEBEE’ lesson, subject and painting focus has been a delight, and its also a little sidestep into my broader world on Natural History Illustration which is fun! Inspired by our time painting on my recent retreat in beautiful Tasmania, the bumblebee captivates me every time. With a goal of offering these monthly lessons to you, directly inspired by my work and experiences as the emerge, this seemed like a really wonderful focus for March, and I hope youll enjoy all it has to offer us as a learning experience in watercolour.

In this lesson, I focus on working really small, looking at the challenges that come, not only with working small, but the upsides as well. From field to studio, we also explore more of the behind the scenes process of taking an image from the field, understanding its challenges better, isolating the subject and rebirthing it into a painting reference and composition… so its a well rounded study and learning experience.

Being so small, this study is all about dry brushing painting techniques, but its nothing minute. Although I offer this bumblebee image in several size options, all are manageable for you. They are all designed to help you identify your sweet spot for size and subject, and to understand how changing size changes the balance of everything in painting.

Ive created this painting lesson to use a series of single colours along 2 colour family lines, connected by a single transitional colour between (you can learn more about this in my STUDIO BASICS COURSE) for a rich, warm, textural and intense outcome. Repetition of approaches and painting techniques will solidify and cement the focal practices nicely for you, better familiarising you with my painting style, principals and processes in the watercolour medium.


Working this small has always been too difficult to film, but with my new camera it has finally allowed me to explore this new territory, which is wonderful. This BUMBLEBEE painting tutorial explores our small subjects, creating two textures in layers. 2 colour family lines, simple colour use, transparent or translucent elements in our painting, overcoming challenges from field to studio to painting, and having fun with a touch of illustrative play with our paintings too.

Im excited and I hope you are too! Join my for this lovely 2.5hr March painting lesson and discovery together, over on my Patreon Channel and creative community, to learn more and be a part of this mutually positive space…. Ill see you in the wash โญ๏ธ