20,000 Student Milestone Reached On UDEMY

20,000 Student Milestone Reached On UDEMY


Thats right! i reached the 20,000 Student Milestone On UDEMY! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Thats right! i reached the 20,000 Student Milestone On UDEMY and I am blown away. I cant really say I hit my goals on this incredible milestone, because if im speaking honestly, passing the 20k mark for students joining me online is a notion I never contemplated achieving in my biggest imaginations starting out! Am I thrilled? Absolutely… I am so thrilled to bring this wonderful news to you and I thank each and every one of you for joining me there to learn more about my work processes and materials in botanical illustration.

Starting out, the goal was very simple, to manage the amount of questions I was receiving daily in an effective way, and to answer your questions as best I could. The request from you was simple… ‘we need a Basics course about what you do… not the basics though, the REAL basics, assuming no knowledge of your craft at all’. It was a simple request in theory but as an experienced, intuitive artist and teacher, its actually quite a challenge to forget ALL you know and come from a place of origin to teach.

Passing on my knowledge as best I could, knowing NOTHING at all about technology or videography at all, I definitely found myself being the student too, learning all about how to gap fill my own spaces in knowledge to make this work for you. Months of focus on, the first STUDIO BASICS course was created to answer your materials and process questions to get started, and the rest is history.

Chasing Autumn steps into the hands on painting stages but with a huge amount of room to move in the carefully selected subjects. Following this we got more and more into the nitty gritty of it all, learning new challenges with each new botanical illustration course. MAGNOLIAS, LOTUS, TOADSTOOLS complete the 5 online painting tutorials I have on offer for you and with that, has come years of sharing my knowledge and work with so many of you.

One of the nicest things for me has been to hear just soooo many positive stories of how my courses have genuinely helped you, and to see so many beautiful outcomes and growth in the work is simply amazing. Attitude and perseverance is everything, and those in the right head and heart space are those who grow the most, this is very clear. I am so proud of you for all your efforts to learn all about my loves and you in turn, inspire me in so many ways too.



Taking out the Global Breakout Instructor of the Year in my first year on Udemy, ranking in the top 4% of almost 100,000 courses you can choose from with my TOADSTOOLS course, and my average ratings remaining high for many years now, my track record is proven for results and thats a real relief to me to know Ive done my best job and helped so many along. Being a good artist doesnt make you a great teacher, so feeling such a sense of achievement on this front is a lovely thing to feel. I really do try to knowledge share with all I am and support others in their pursuits as I go too, so its important to me… as are all of my students.



Establishing 20,000 students on UDEMY is something I am so proud of. I thank you for your part in growing something so positive. It is difficult for me to take time out from my own dreams to create new courses for you, this is very true… but this milestone has left me revisiting my teaching pursuits quite a lot lately I must admit. What have I done about it??? Well…. Ive actually just taken it to a whole new level which is exciting news! I had a little conversation with some students recently and that inspired me to launch my PATREON CHANNEL just this month, so I can continue to create learning content around my work more personally and regularly from now on. With your backing, so much is possible ⭐️

I have taken the leap and I hope that you guys will follow, helping me to grow the community and to more awesome content for you to enjoy. It takes so much time, but if youre with me, I am willing to go for it. For those in my ‘Patron with Benefits’ tier, I will be posting a painting lesson around a natural history subject for you to enjoy every month which is really huge… along with a bunch of other exclusive and in depth content to enjoy too. In time and with you guys on board, i truly believe in its potential for more and new wonderful things once again and I am excited!


This month we explored our first bird illustration of a Seagull. Next month is all set to go BLUE BLUE BLUE with a Splendid Fairywren Illustration which is just a gorgeous subject to play with… from there? Well why not let me know your thoughts because I am there for you and would love your input.

So, if you enjoyed learning with me on Udemy, why not consider joining me over on Patreon to learn more and grow the community with me. If not thats totally fine, the good news is that I will be offering a selection of my Patreon Lessons as online painting tutorials on Udemy in due course too, so its great news all round and itll only get better in time.


This is an exciting and positive close to the year I must say. 2024 seems like it has some challenges for us all, but lets not forget the importance of feeding your hearts, souls and creative pursuits. With Udemy and Patreon, I hope I can offer you plenty of opportunities to stay inspired in simplicity for the coming year, and ALL our years to come… Happy New Year everyone, Heidi