Watercolour Botanical Illustration and Natural History Painting WORKSHOPS – 2022

Watercolour Botanical Illustration and Natural History Painting WORKSHOPS – 2022

Hi everyone! I hope youve all been keeping well, happy and creative during these crazy times and are settling in to the new year nicely. Who knew what was in store for us all these past years but here we are kicking off a brand new year and it still feels exciting!

Im sure many of you have found plenty of upsides during the successions of lockdowns and sweeping life changes weve all been experiencing, silver linings to all things huh! I can see so many of you have been putting more time and focus into your creative pursuits, old and new and thats wonderful.  As 2022 finds us all and settles into our bones a little it seems we are finally coming to a place where we can dare hope for some return to some sense of ‘normality’ ahead.

For me personally i feel hopeful! So much so that Ive gone ahead and pencilled in some ACTUAL EVENTS, like REAL people in NEW places… for REAL! Now thats optimism for sure. For two years the world has said NO! Then I said NO… But its time… time for a little bit of YES in our lives, woohoo! For me my schedule remains very full for the year but I have agreed to return to teaching a handful of painting workshops with Artable.

I will be working closely with Gillian from Artable Studio for all workshop events for 2022 as she is one of my favourite humans, because it keeps things simple for me and for you guys, because she offers such a wonderful extended network of like minded people and support for you to tap into, and because I know with Gillian everything will run like a well oiled machine. We like that.

So whats ahead you ask? Well I know you have been asking plenty so I thought Id go ahead and share whats on the table at this stage. Some events are locked in and already booked out or very close too it. Others are in the planning stages with details to be refined but heres what we have on the schedule for 2022. Take a look at whats on offer and reach out to Gillian if you would like to join us.

It sure is exciting to be dipping our toes back in the workshop waters again. It has been too long. Without further ado, heres the list of events. We hope to see you in the wash ❤️

Whats on the 2022 workshop table you ask…?

Just follow the links in each listing for bookings and more information

BAY OF FIRES, TasmaniaMARCH 20225 RETREAT DAY EVENT – CONCLUDED – This event is booked out but if youd like to join us for this event, get in touch with Gillian as we finalise the last numbers, or get your name down on the waiting list. We will be focussing on botanical, natural history and realistic watercolour illustration over this sensational 5 day event in the Bay of Fires. I mean…. WOW. I cant even wait! Being on the coastline for this event we might even have a play with new and relevant subjects of the SPECTACULAR Bay of Fires seaside.

HOBART, Tasmania MARCH 2022 – 3 DAY EVENT – CONCLUDED – Follow the link for more information on this event. Its a 3 Day event in gorgeous Hobart, a first! This event follows the Bay Of Fires event, for those who just cant get enough of beautiful Tasmania! Im so excited about this one. We will be focussing on natural history and realistic watercolour illustration whilst enjoying the Hobart surrounds.

GOLD COAST EventMAY 2022 – 5 DAY WORKSHOP EVENTCONCLUDED – We will be focussing on botanical, natural history and realistic watercolour illustration over this 5 day event. I cant tell you how much I am looking forward to returning to the Gold Coast once more. It is simply too long since that was possible but Im coming back and I cant wait to see you all again! Details of this event are just being locked in now but get in fast, let Gillian know youd like to join us and Im sure we will have an excellent week of learning together!

MELBOURNE AUGUST  3-7, 2022 – 5 DAY BOTANICAL WORKSHOP EVENTCONCLUDED – I know many of you in Melbourne have been reaching out to see when Ill be returning to Victoria, so weve gone ahead and planned a 5 day workshop in for us so we can finally get together again. Let Gill know if youd be interested in joining us for this workshop and I will see you there!

BRISBANE SEPTEMBER 13,14 and 15, 2022 – 3 DAY BOTANICAL WORKSHOP EVENT – CONCLUDED This is a three day event covering realistic watercolour and botanical illustration. It precedes the next event which is a 3 day on watercolour bird illustration, for those who’d like to cover both. Contact Marcel and Yasmin at Bienarte if you’d like to join us.

botanical illustration iris

NOTE – I will also be doing a DEMONSTRATION evening for a few hours on the evening of 15th September should you like to join us. CONCLUDED

BRISBANESEPTEMBER 16, 17 and 18, 2022 – 3 DAY SMALL BIRD PAINTING WORKSHOP EVENT – CONCLUDED – This is a three day event covering realistic watercolour and bird illustration. It follows the event above, which is a 3 day on watercolour botanical illustration, for those who’d like to cover both. Contact Marcel and Yasmin at Bienarte if you’d like to join us

MANLY, NSW – 3 DAY BOTANICAL PAINTING WORKSHOP EVENT, WARATAH – CONCLUDED – Ill be working with a new Sydney based studio, Artistikca & Manly Sculpture School for this three day event, aptly set on the gorgeous fringe of the national park in Manly. We will be exploring Natural History illustration in watercolour again and although specific subjects are yet to be decided, it will be in my usual botanical flavour. Its a LONG time since i was home long enough to hold an event in the Sydney area (my hometown) so I am really looking forward to this one, right at my doorstep. If you’d like to join this small group for  a few days of painting and learning, get in touch with Katherine to pop your name down and we will see you there! 

DEVONPORT, Tasmania OCTOBER 29-31, 2022 – 3 DAY BOTANICAL PAINTING WORKSHOP EVENTCONCLUDED – We love Tassie so much that weve decided to return and were really looking forward to this workshop. We will be focussing on botanical, natural history and realistic watercolour illustration over this 3 day event located in Devonport, in northern Tasmania. Reach out to Gillian for all the details on this event to see if its a fit for you! We still have a spot open for this I believe, so its not too late to join us yet


So there you have it! 2022 is a wrap for ‘Realistic Watercolours and Botanical Painting’ workshops and I simply can not believe it. No sooner were we hoping to get things moving again in 2022 and things have simply moved so fast its behind us. Thank you so much to every single one of you who reached out, got out and came along to one of our masterclass events. It has been another incredible year full of great places, people and the memories of it all and Im so pleased youve been a part of it. If you didnt manage to make an event with me this year, 2023 is shaping up to be amazing. Perhaps youll join us there. Again, the annual workshop blog for 2023 has been posted as usual and it will be updated for all new opportunities, information and contact details youll need if you decide this is the year for YOU. We look forward to seeing you there.

If you do want to be kept in the loop of upcoming events, get in touch with Artable Studio and Bienarte and get your name onto the wait lists so you dont miss out. I am just starting to book new events for 2023 now, starting in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast with Bienarte. Gillian and I will meet next month to start planning whats next on the Artable calendar for 2023 too, so stay tuned!






For those unable to come along to a face to face event this time, dont forget I have a handful of in depth botanical painting tutorials available online. You might enjoy getting on board with me there, all in the comfort of your own home 🙏🏻