Thunbergia Illustration in Watercolour

Thunbergia Illustration in Watercolour

A subject I have delighted in exploring over the years botanical and watercolour masterclasses is Thunbergia, in both the blue (Thunbergia laurifolia) and yellow (Thunbergia mysorensis) forms.

Native to India (I believe), I also grew up with these stunning plants around my home here in Australia, and have been stopped in my tracks spotting them in many places Ive traveled over the years too. Both varieties are so different in appearance, but are equally wild with beauty and wonder to work with and so I felt it was about time I captured them in my work in some way.

Though I dream of these in HUGE studies, cascading with colour and curiosity of course, I am thrilled to finally see a small piece of each as a start, and Im even more thrilled to have been able to share them with my students as botanical painting lessons. The first (Thunbergia laurifolia) was explored at my Tyalgum event last July with a most awesome group of dedicated students who just fell right into the challenge to create some really amazing work. The second (Thunbergia mysorensis) was explored, learning more about their curious structure and the challenges of working in yellow. Both are such wonderful palettes to work in, both came with plenty of challenge and learning!

heidi willis_botanical painting_art class_teacher_watercolour

My students learning all about Thunbergia illustration and my watercolour painting techniques, Tyalgum event, July 2018

The blue Thunbergia was found in my own neighbourhood, growing on mass, tumbling over a huge, high wall of blue trusses of flowers. Naturally i was drawn to it as fast as the bees and spent some time looking more closely at it, gathering reference and ultimately taking it to my class. History repeated again through my travels in Brazil collecting more of the blue and now the golden yellow one too. My friends garden was a showcase of beauty, both thunbergia vines consuming suitable pockets of her garden, hummingbirds flitting in and out the flowers as I watched on. Its a memory that still fills me to the brim! I really must paint this again…

Though I didnt have time to complete my study at the event itself, it has been a piece Ive been busting to return to ever since. Inspired again by last weeks Brisbane painting workshop, I have finally taken the time to set all else aside and complete the two studies at last.

heidi willis_botanical art_thunbergia_watercolour_illustration_artist

Thunbergia Illustration – mysorensisheidi willis_botanical art_thunbergia_watercolour_artist_illustration

Thunbergia Illustration – laurifolia

Both studies measure approximately 250x160mm in image area and are now available for purchase, so just let me know if they are right for you!