Jacobs Creek Le Petit Rosé Sydney Launch Party

… And Im off to the amazing Jacobs Creek Le Petit Rosé Sydney Launch Party!

This weekend was the incredible Jacobs Creek ‘Le Petit Rosé’ launch party, showing off their new product adorning my delicate celebratory pink rose, botanical, confetti and butterfly illustration. What a buzz it has been, from start to end, an exciting, uplifting celebration of ideas, creativity, constantly inspiring positive people, and such fun… Now the QUARTER OF A MILLION bottles of Jacobs Creek rosé is hitting the shelves nationwide, its definitely time to stop and celebrate a job well done, in style!

heidi willis_artist_illustrator_jacobs Creek_wine lable

The development of the Jacobs Creek rosé label design, the completed illustration and finally the finished product on the bottle, shelf ready!

The rush to be there has been real! Racing home from my 2 week teaching stint 1000kms away in Melbourne, I drove through the night after the close of these wonderful events to make it back to Sydney just in time for the launch in time. With all the time invested and work spent behind the scenes to see the rosé up on the shelves so beautifully, there was no way I was going to miss the celebrations if humanly possible! So I raced 10 hours north from Melbourne overnight in the blistering heat (still a horrendous 44 degrees at 8.30pm), my good friend Sam, tolerating my ever evolving rejuggling with such grace and calm making the 1000km journey south from Brisbane to meet in the middle for this very special occasion. Its nuts, but all the right kind of nuts as we say, and well worth the chaos to get there.

Within minutes of each other we converged into the city like clockwork, our sights set for the the harbour ready to celebrate the close and huge success of this amazing project in great heat and style. An icy cold glass of ‘Frozé’ taking the bite out of the consuming heat of the day was a welcome treat, along with the essential ice buckets adorned with my delicate rosé bottles to boot.

heidi willis_artist_illustrator_jacobs Creek_wine label copy

The sights of Sydney Harbour were are beautiful as ever, silver light shimmering its way across the view far and wide, the iconic Opera House and Bridge punctuating the horizon were such a welcoming sensation for me to return home to. A little music, food, dancing and chatting completing the mix of a day on the water.

heidi willis_artist_illustrator_jacobs Creek_wine label copy

Returning to Darling Harbour on sundown the city began to come to life, the water mirroring its story with such confidence and beauty. A little visit to West Hotel to see my work there, just a block away, was also a happy little buzz along the way. Last drinks on the closing of the day contemplating the glorious view, the great company, the success of the project and all things in general seemed so very solid and satisfying to end what has been such a busy and productive time. Sleep you ask? Theres so little time for such things, but I tried, my head full of possibilities and happiness.

heidi willis_artist_illustrator_jacobs Creek_wine label

Sunday brought a new day, just 5kms away from another of my favourite places and clients at The Grounds of Alexandria, so I made my way across town to enjoy an afternoon basking in the beauty and magic that is simply all aspects of The Grounds. Lunch, cocktails, coffee, gardens, all with a little touch of magic saw the end of another day with a smile. This has been such a wonderful project to be a part of, and since the completion of my part of the process some month ago now, the thrills have continued to unfold in the lead up to the launch, seeing the product hit the shelves, and now as we wind up and step in and out of the formal celebrations of the release, satisfaction is definitely ours.

heidi willis_artist_illustrator_grounds of alexandria

The culmination of so many things leading to this point is quite remarkable, the clear success of the new label is evident and I am thrilled to hear talk of making the label a more permanent as a result. The positivity Ive received about this has been overwhelming really, so thank you all. I have absolutely loved seeing your photos roll in to me from far and wide too. As you start to share my wonderful ride on this project with me, I have also felt such a part of your social moments, sharing such fun and smiles with friends and family over a nice Jacobs Creek rosé too. Thank you all for getting amongst it as you have, and for making such a good thing even better as you always do!

heidi willis_artist_illustrator_jacobs Creek_rose wine label