Cocktail Illustration Series – The Grounds of the City

Cocktail Illustration Series – The Grounds of the City – Watercolour

This past week or two has been huge on so many levels, and the new one is just about to kick off in a hurry too! Its another working weekend for me…

So much is happening in my world at the minute itd be easy to get myself into quite a spin, but Ive taken the advice Ive so often given my children ‘Think less. Do more’ as Ive set myself steadily to each task, working through each one with the care and attention it needs… whilst adhering to the thrilling deadlines that are such a part of commercial projects.

Its an interesting mix, pressure with absolutely no permission in my mind to compromise on the quality of my illustration work. Its a case of long days, busy days, productive days, every day, in the pursuit of producing consistently fabulous results for my clients.

One of my favourite commercial clients, The Grounds of Alexandria, and The Grounds of the City are at it again, maintaining their impeccable style, meticulous attention to every detail and the freshness of their incredible vision as always, with a fun new series of cocktail illustration subjects, fresh out of my studio. These tiny illustrations measure just 8 cms in size each, so they are tiny treasures set for inclusion in their next menu release… So much fun to play with!

Here you can see each illustration being produced, featuring a beautiful collection of elements again this time of rose petals, citrus, mint, marigolds, fresh herbs, fruit, copper and cut crystal to name a few.

heidi willis_illustrator_watercolour_artist_grounds of alexandria

heidi willis_illustrator_watercolour_artist

heidi willis_artist_illustrator_watercolour

The completion of this new illustration series brings a new lease of life into the Grounds remarkable vision, and thats always an exciting thing to play a role in!

With this collection finished, its time to move on to another wonderful project for a well known Norwegian food company. This time I will be creating a series of 6 beautiful preserves labels featuring a range of fruits in botanical illustration form… The next exciting project to come onto my drawing board!

This is especially wonderful as I have recently designed the margarine packaging for this client as well. The margarine project is now in the printing process, and is set to hit the shelves of Scandinavia soon, so we should be able to see (and finally share) the results of this any time now! I am thrilled to be adding this series of botanical jam labels to their range of products and feel more than confident they will look wonderful.