Splendid Fairywren Painting Lesson In Watercolour

‘SPLENDID FAIRYWREN’ – NEW Painting Lesson In Watercolour Available On PATREON


Last month I launched my PATREON community, looking to establish a better, more interactive and personal space, community and platform for my students to enjoy. Patreon seemed like a great answer to the call so Ive gone ahead and jumped in, establishing a positive learning environment to be a part of. It helps me create. It helps me help you create too… so its a win win and I really hope it grows into something wonderful. This is only possible if we come together, but I am excited and willing to give it as much as you guys do!

Making the lessons is simply, huge. Its an enormous part of my time and resources that Id otherwise be spending on my own work and projects, but I really believe in the value of knowledge sharing, and that its something bigger than any individual. I also value my students, which are now tipping on the 20,100 mark around the world, so here, I am trying my best to honour you as youve honoured me 🙏🏻

Last month I started my Patreon painting lessons with the launch of my SEAGULL Illustration, a wonderful, simpler starting point in bird illustration, and exercise in pigment poor painting subjects. This month we change things up to a far more intricate challenge, full of bold colour and a feast of blues in the SPLENDID FAIRYWREN illustration. With thanks to my photographer Peter Caddy, we get to enjoy this remarkable small bird painting subject, learning how to capture its exquisiteness in watercolour.


In time, this, and many of my Patreon Painting Lessons will also be available as a UDEMY painting course online but for now its available only to my PATREON community, so why not jump in and get painting with us there, learning all about this wonderful Splendid Fairywren subject, revisit last months Seagull lesson, or wait to see whats in store for next months fun small bird and watercolour painting exercise!

To those who have already joined me, thank you for your support 🙏🏻