Rose Robin – A miniature in acrylics

Rose Robin – A miniature in acrylics – 160x135mm – My current work in progress – SOLD

Between all things unfolding this week, my intensely buys Magnolias Tutorial project that is currently underway, gallery events, new briefs, making travel plans, and a dreadful assault on my beautiful son to deal with this week, the need to sit quietly and get lost in painting has been felt rather greatly over the last few days. It has been a week of some real lows rescued as always for me, by being able to be so absorbed in my work. In dark places, painting is a constant source of light and joy. It is easy then to see how i am so happily the workaholicholic that I am… My work is heart and soul food not just for me, but for so many. I find that to be a truly beautiful, inspiring thing in my life leaving me only wanting to put more of myself into it than I already do.

The year has been wonderful, and hectic… and really… hectic! Ive been working solidly on commissions sold ahead of time since mid last year and Ive been in my element and thriving on the flow of it all so happily. It is some months now however since I just painted something for me. You know, something that is not for any thing, or person, or place, or event, or purpose in particular… just a painting for me because ive been captured by something beautiful?

Every now and then though amidst the haste, we need to take a little time out to just reconnect with that place, and so I stole a little time in the early mornings over the last little while to play with my new acrylic paints, materials, ideas and a divine Rose Robin image from a wonderful bird photographer Alison Nisbett. Ive had the image aside for some time now, but all of a sudden it was simply her time, and just like that I started to draw him, placing him into some delicate magnolia blooms, and he began to emerge from the board… in acrylics this time. He is far from complete at this stage, but my sweet little rose robin is in fact, my very first bird in acrylics ever, but hopefully it will be very very far from my last!

heidi willis_rose robin_natural history painting_bird art_acrylics

In Progress – Rose Robin, miniature in acrylics (sold)

And so with no intention but to love my painting time, my little bird began to come together joyfully, bringing balance to my head and heart… and my week once more. He is a remedy, a beauty and a giver, and was very soon enough sold to another who shared its joy… And so our beautiful little story may now continue on into the lives of others, for I am but the story teller not the keeper of the book.

s_heidi willis_bird painting_rose robin_magnolias

And now, the finished painting!

Thanks everyone, your enthusiasm on this painting means a lot to me as I work on expanding my skills, knowledge and work into new territory.