Welcome Swallow and Blueberry Ash – Watercolour Bird Painting

Welcome Swallow and Blueberry Ash – Watercolour Bird Painting – 15x15cms – SOLD

‘Welcome Swallow and Blueberry Ash’ now joins my current series of watercolour bird paintings measuring 15x15cms in size. They are ‘exquisite gems’ as I often hear, and I strongly agree.

Paintings in this size never last long and are generally sold ahead of time in order to secure them. For those that are spontaneous paintings created in an unplanned window of inspiration they are usually snapped up fast, as was the case with this painting. No more than a pencil drawing, it was purchased and snatched off the market by a very happy collector who didnt hesitate to take the opportunity of calling this sweet watercolour bird painting their own. Certainly this beautiful swallow painting it has been a very popular piece and as attached to this one as I am, I am also very pleased knowing it has found such a wonderful place to call home.

Theres so much work in these intricate studies, but I love the way I can just fall deeply into each of them so intimately and get totally lost on the story of every one of these (and all) paintings. They are simple in their intent, to capture the beauty and atmosphere of a moment, the nature and essence of my subjects, and to tell the story of something so complex yet simple all at once. They are about appreciation and feeling. They are about taking time to perfect my craft. They are simple labours of love from the world I experience and celebrate around me every day. Somewhere through this language I am able to pass the sentiment on to my viewers and that is a pretty remarkable thing, I think.

So ‘Welcome Swallow and Blueberry Ash’ is sold but please let me know if youre interested in owning something similar yourself. We can talk about options, ideas and even discuss a payment plan to make most things within reach any time you like. I look forward to creating the next story with you!

This painting will be in print sometime soon so let me know if youre interested in a print of this beautiful swallow and we can make that happen for you too.