Grey Fantail and Gum Blossom – Small Australian Bird Paintings in Watercolour

Grey Fantail and Gum Blossom – 15x15cms – Small Australian Bird Paintings in Watercolour – SOLD


‘Grey Fantail and Gum Blossom’ joins my current series of 15x15cm small Australian bird paintings in watercolour. The beautiful Grey Fantail (bird reference thanks to Peter Caddy) caught my attention immediately because of her delicate colourings and bright personality. I chose this white flowering gum blossom to accompany her because it too seemed so soft and beautiful with its gentle colours and textures. Together they tell a harmonious story, a joyful moment in time capturing the nature of both subjects beautifully.

For those interested, you can see more on this painting coming to life in the blog section of my website. ‘Grey Fantail and Gum Blossom’ original is currently available for purchase so please let me know if you have any enquiry on this painting. If youd like to discuss a commission of something thats just right for you, contact me any time to start working on something special together