Watercolour Botanical Art Classes – 2018 Opportunities

Thursday, November 2, 2017 | 12:05 am | Events

Watercolour Botanical Art Classes – 2018 Opportunities

As a HUGE year rushes to a close, about 12 months before I am anywhere near being ready… it is time to take a moment to consider 2018 and all the wonderful opportunities that the new year will bring. I think its going to be a remarkable year with plenty of exciting projects and events already on the table to look forward to. Some of those opportunities are for students, and with just a few places remaining in each watercolour, botanical and natural history painting workshops already, now is the time to think it over and book your place if youd like to come along to any 2018 Art Classes.

Locations I will be attending are as follows

(images are from workshops but are a guide to expected course content only)

heidi willis_watercolour_painting_natural history_botanical_art classes

ACT – Artists Society of Canberra Inc – January 8-12 inclusive – Birds and Botanical – Watercolour

heidi willis_watercolour_botanical_painting_class

Geelong VICTORIAArtworx – March 23, 24 and 25 – Botanical – Watercolour

heidi willis_botanical_watercolour_painting_class

Grafton NSWFay Boyd Art School – April 15 to Thursday, April 19 inclusive – Fruits, Vegetables and Bugs – Watercolour

Heidi Willis_Grafton_Painting Workshop_watercolour

Tyalgum Retreat – Far Northern NSW/Gold Coast – ARTABLE – July 4-8 inclusive – Botanical Watercolour

heidi willis_watercolour_botanical art_painting class

New Zealand Painting Escape – Nov 2018 – Artable – ‘Botanical Watercolour Lupines’

s_heidi willis_NZ painting workshop_class_botanical

You really dont want to miss this event – This is a 5 day watercolour botanical painting workshop on the South Island of New Zealand in November 2018. In the same thread as my recent and incredibly memorable Cradle Mountain painting experience this unique workshop is much more than just the studio! Join me to will explore the entire process of natural history painting from field work in the great outdoors and the breathtakingly beautiful, mind clearing wilderness of NZ to the studio for a comprehensive insight to this work and its processes. This is set to be an incredible and unique event so dont miss out! Give Gillian from Artable a call and grab your place in these fabulous art classes asap. Wed love to have you along!


So there you have a list of all art classes currently open and booking for the year ahead, hopefully this will help you to see whats ahead and decide which one suits you best. Dont forget if you cant join me in person, I do have some watercolour painting and botanical art online painting tutorials you might like to explore in your own time and space… but if you do have any questions, please just let us know. Hopefully I shall see you in the wash!

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