Wildlife Illustrations for City of Sydney Park Signage Project

Wildlife Illustrations for City of Sydney Park Signage Project

I have just begun work in a new and exciting project for the Australian Government, creating intricate wildlife illustrations to be used for the City of Sydney Park signage and informations boards across 6 different Sydney parks locations. These include the Glebe Foreshore, Jones Street Pocket Park, Kimberley Grove, Orphan School Creek, Victoria Park and Sydney Park.

The series of 30 full colour wildlife illustrations relate to ecological initiatives in each park, covering a range of beautiful subjects found in various habitats and locations from seabirds, crabs, starfish, reptiles, botany, fish, frogs and insects. The sign boards will be printed on beautiful bronze panels in full colour with state of the art technology and printing processes, so its quite an undertaking to bring to fruition on all fronts and I have no doubt will be a wonderful enhancement to our parks.

The first series of wildlife illustrations is nearing completion now. Each artwork is rendered in watercolour, ranges in size from 15-20cms on the shortest length and includes a range of Australian waterbirds, waders and divers such as the Black Swan, Pied Cormorant (reference image thanks to Katrina McDonnell), Royal Spoonbill and the Purple Swamphen, as well as the Red-Browed Finch and the Blue Wren.

heidi willis_illustrator_artist_bird_swan_sydney parks

heidi willis_illustrator_artist_bird_spoonbill_sydney parks heidi willis_illustrator_artist_bird_cormorant_sydney parks heidi willis_illustrator_artist_bird_finch_sydney parks heidi willis_illustrator_artist_bird_waterhen_swamphen_sydney parks


With the first panel of Australian waterbirds complete, I have moved on to the next series of wildlife illustrations which include an upturned swan looking for a feed (which is super cute!) the Blue Tongue Lizard, the Eastern Bentwing Bat and a Striped Marsh Frog. Following this set, Ive added a Striated Heron, Sand Mullet, Eastern Mosquito Eating Fish, a Grasshopper along with a beautiful collection of bee illustrations that I have absolutely adored painting! These include the Fire-Tailed Resin Bee, the Blue Banded Bee and the Reed Bee. Two of these paintings have sold already, however I definitely plan on adding tho this collection beyond this project so look out for more on this!

heidi willis_artist_bird painting_finch_wren_watercolour_illustration

Blue Wren and Red-Browed Finch Illustrations

waterbirds_swan_heidi willis_artist_bird illustration_sydney parks

Black Swans Feeding Illustration

Heidi Willis_Striated Heron_artist_illustration_watercolour_bird painting

Striated Heron Illustration

heidi willis_artist_watercolour_illustration_blue tongue lizard

Blue Tongue Lizard Illustration

heidi willis_illustration_wildlife_artist_watercolour_bat

Bentwing Bat Illustration

heidi willis_artist_illustrator_watercolour_fish_painting

Eastern Mosquito Fish Illustrations

Heidi Willis_Sand Mullet_fish illustration_artist_natural history_watercolour

Sand Mullet (Myxus elongatus) Illustration (Original artwork now SOLD)

heidi willis_illustration_wildlife_artist_watercolour_frog

Striped Marsh Frog Illustration

heidi willis_artist_illustrator_Frog_painting_watercolour

Green and Golden Bell Frog Illustration

Heidi Willis_blue banded bee_illustration_painting_artwork_watercolour_artist_insect painting

Blue-Banded Bee Illustration (Original artwork now SOLD)

Heidi Willis_Reed Bee_artist_illustrator_watercolour_insects_natural history_sydney Parks

Reed Bee Illustration

Heidi Willis_Resin Bee_Illustration_artist_watercolour_sydney Parks_natural history_insect painting

Fire-Tailed Resin Bee Illustration (Original artwork now SOLD)

Heidi Willis_Artist_Grasshopper illustration_watercolour_illustrator_insect

Grasshopper Illustration

heidi willis_artist_illustrator_botanical art_watercolour

Coastal Plants Illustrations – Samphire, Seablight and Juncus kraussii

heidi willis_illustration_watercolour_shell_crab_starfis_painting

Coastal Critters Illustrations – Starfish, Crab and seashell

Heidi Willis_Flannel Flowers_botanical illustration_artist_watercolour_wildflower

Flannel Flowers Illustration – A favourite Australian Wildflower! (Original artwork now SOLD)

Heidi Willis_natural history_watercolour_botanical artist_Banksia_fb

Banksia serrata Illustration

Heidi Willis_leptospernum_botanical illustration_artist_watercolour

Leptospernum / Tea Tree Illustration

Willis_Willy Wagtail

Willy Wagtail Illustration

Heidi Willis_Wattle_illustration_watercolour_botanical artist

Acacia / Wattle Illustration

Heidi Willis_whiteroot_botanical illustration_artistWhiteroot Illustration

Heidi Willis_botanical artist_Terpentine illustration

Terpentine Illustration

Heidi Willis_botanical artist_Mangrove illustration_watercolour

Mangrove Illustration

heidi willis_ibis illustration_bird painting_watercolour

Australian White Ibis Illustrations – Mature and Juvenile birds

Heidi Willis_Artsit_Shell Illustration_watercolour

Nerite Shell Illustration

Heidi Willis_Stilt_bird illustration_artist_watercolour

Stilt Illustration

Heidi Willis_Samphire_Botanical Illustration

Samphire in Bud Botanical Illustration

Heidi Willis_Starfish Illustration_watercolour

Starfish Illustration


heidi willis_botanical illustration_ferns_watercolour artist

Fern Illustrations


heidi willis_fig illustration_watercolour_botanical painting

Moreton Bay Fig Illustration


And so, after 18 months since first picking this project up in its infancy… it finally comes to a close. This last illustration is an additional painting of a bush scene of Australian native plants that will feature on the parks signage alongside the others. It has been a huge project but such a thrill to be a part of from start to finish and this piece seems like a fitting end.

heidi willis_artist_botanical illustrator_plants painting


These original artworks measure 15 and 20cms in the greatest length and are now available for sale with the completion of the project. Some have already gone off to their new homes but there are some excellent buys and pieces in this collection, so please let me know if you are interested in any of these studies for your collection.