PERSIMMON – Patreon Painting Lesson Together

PERSIMMON – this months Patreon Painting Lesson Together

Hi everyone, I have been so busy lately. Ive just completed my second International Artist Magazine article for the month, and thought Id check in and say hello before shifting gears again in the scramble. Hitting the send button feels good in so many ways… its a huge amount of work to put an article together like that, let alone two at once, but its also such a privilege and thrill to be a part of such an opportunity again. Here is the last, a few years back now but such a buzz even now! To say Im excited about featuring in this wonderful magazine again is an understatement for sure.

The first article features my Flamingos painting in acrylics, the second, my Gang Gangs as a WIP, which youve all followed along with last year. Now I just sit back and wait to see it go to press… well, either that or it all comes back to me to fill in the gaps I missed! We shall soon see. Im not one for leaving gaps so Im feeling good about it… Im not sure when the magazine will be out but I know they were set for the March 4th and April 4th deadline and Ill let you know when its available ๐Ÿ˜

With that behind me, I am all set to get back to making more painting lessons for you guys, and that makes me happy. Our PATREON community is new but growing, and Im really proud of all the beautiful work Ive been seeing emerge from your hands and lessons there. Again, a very warm welcome to my new community members joining us this month, I look forward to knowing you better, and having new members join us too.

We are back to botanicals this months lesson with a fantastic fruit focus. Colour, fun, technique, learning… its all coming up for you on the 8th. Ive been asked for botanicals quite a bit these past weeks, and Im definitely listening. I promise, in time, there will be lessons on ALL THINGS NATURE ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ I have more ideas and enthusiasm than months left in me, so no fear on that front! But for now, were all about this wonderful April painting lesson, exploring the PERSIMMON. If youd like to learn more about the lesson you can check out the introduction clip on my Patreon Channel.

Today I will start on the next adventure, returning to a beautiful bird subject Ive been pawing over (amongst so many!) as I really want to build up a better selection of gorgeous bird lessons to enjoy. Im refining the direction as we speak. Ive been talking to a few new photographers this month too, who have allowed me to illustrate and teach from their beautiful images, so for that I am grateful and excited for us all!

My Patreon Painting Lessons go out to my members 3 months in advance, but as of this month, I will start sharing some of these courses to Udemy for those wanting to stick to that platform. We love options! First up will be the Splendid Fairywren, kicking off the Bird Illustration series on the Udemy platform. Ive been working so hard on this goal, Im so excited for this offering and I look forward to seeing even more awesome work coming from my student hands. What Ive seen so far is excellent and what Ive heard as feedback, so encouraging too.

For workshops, I have Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast in my sites next as you know with a new 5 day event locked in on the Gold Coast in week 1 October. Of course, there is the week long Tassie retreat to finish the years workshops off in style, so keep these opportunities in mind. If you want to know more, check in on my workshop calendar any time. Here is a link, but you can access this information from my HOME PAGE any time.

So this month were kicking back to botanicals, exploring watercolour, fruit illustration, watercolour painting techniques, realistic painting, vibrant colour, and a fan, simple approach to creating beautiful water drops in your artworks. I am so excited to launch this course and share the inspiration, work and knowledge with you in such a lovely and creative way. Soul food indeed… I hope youll enjoy this gorgeous painting challenge and subject with us!