(sharing from my blog post) Well gosh, hasnt this project takes some divine intervention to get off the ground hey? I know, I know, youve all been waiting for this news for quite some time now, and I have been too! With production grinding to a total, wrenching covid halt the very week I was to launch my OWN PAINT BRUSHES BRAND, I was so sad to see this plan put on such an unforeseen hold. I was all set to go, super excited and boom, there went the rug from under my feet on this whole dream… but I aint no quitter! No sir, definitely not, and the hold wasnt forever.

Actually, I must admit I did come very close to just giving up on this idea, with all the chaos and regrouping weve been through in these recent times, but just as I really lost faith itd come through, my brushes arrived in the mail, hit my suppliers warehouse, and I could hardly believe after everything there they were! Not only were they here in my hand, they are here to stay and here to share. This not only feels like progress, like excitement about a really wonderful thing, but also like a little sense of normality and dreaming returning again and I have to say, that felt good, deep in my psyche. Onwards!

These brushes came about because I simply get so many people asking about my brushes… and with well over 20,000 students online now, the need for, the demand, and my desire to provide my students and others with a really great, practical brush at a really great price really started to emerge as an urgency. I was looking for something Id be happy to put my own name to, and how I literally have.

With the demand, came the opportunity to create my very own line of paint brushes, customised for my work and for my students. And, with a little help from my friends, possibly from above, we went into design, trial and finally, production.

The wonderful news is that they are now available in Australia through The Art Scene, who have been my suppliers since I walked in the doors at the age of 11 and bought my very first brush! Its all very fitting to be here 40 years on with my own brand of paintbrushes now, I think. So they are available there, their online catalogue and shipping service is great, and and from here, they will start to be distributed more widely in due course which is really exciting.

My STUDENT set of brushes is a 000, 1, 3 and a 5, taklon, nylon round brushes, which covers the majority of students needs, especially for my work, style, medium and learning. Im always expense conscious, so this is a really practical set of brushes to start out with, and importantly, at a really affordable price too. Initially this is what I am releasing, as well as a 5/0 for the crazy types like me, who love the small stuff. In time though, I plan to add additional sizes and styles to the range.

This product helps you paint better without breaking the bank, which is cause for celebration alone…. Hopefully, this will go towards helping me keep painting, allowing me to create new painting lessons for you guys, as well as eating, which would be a true blessing any artist knows all too well. So its a great choice of brush, not just for function, but knowing that the sales from these paint brushes will also go towards keeping creative dreams alive too.

These brushes are durable, affordable and are designed to give you excellent control over your watercolour application, management and manipulation of your painting. The bristles hold plenty of pigment ideal for painting those large areas, and the tips are a wonderful point to shift your technique and usage seamlessly into detailing. Its an all rounder, and literally everything i need and use in a single brush… only the sizes vary, giving you a wide range of use.

How do you know they’re my brushes? Well, they are bright red with a gold tip and they have my name on the handle, so you can hardly miss them ❤️ These are the brushes I have been using myself for decades now. I know them well, I use them every day and absolutely recommend them to everyone I work with… finally they said, if you like them so much, lets get to work creating your own range… and so I have.




These are available through The Art Scene, NSW, Australia. They have a wonderful shipping service, so check them out for my brushes, and literally anything you could ever need for art supplies for that matter! Heidi Willis watercolour brushes are also accessible on my home page, so they  are always easy to find!

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