Interview with Artist – Jacksons Art, UK

heidi willis_natural history_botanical artist_bird_Jacksons ArtInterview with Artist – Jacksons Art, UK

Whilst away on my intrepid travels in Brazil last month, I was asked for an interview on my work as a botanical and natural history artist from Jacksons art in the UK. ‘Of course!’ I replied, as I always try to do, glancing briefly out at the vast wilderness I was surrounded by, at my crazy schedule, my drowned and in the grave mac computer and the patchy network that kept flickering on and off on my phone as I moved from that particular corner of my room. With my arm outstretched trying to catch some of those magical yet elusive internet waves, I read the questions and thought ‘…piece of cake!’ with a laugh as I stepped out for another days adventuring.

My reply noted my circumstances and a request to respond to each question as I could on the run, and so it began, single responses in small windows of time and opportunity dribbling in from my phone and as I jumped on and off this mission between mountain and plains, rivers and waterfalls, wilderness and city… and even between airports en route home in the end until it was done. Jackson’s Art were great to work with and happily worked with me along the way.

The article discusses my painting philosophies and inspirations, painting approaches, life as an artist, choices of mediums, travel, my online watercolour and botanical painting tutorials and my work in general. It also includes a lovely selection of my paintings and drawings in watercolour, acrylics and graphite too. The article they put together is such a lovely one, I think, and a great little insight to my world as a botanical and natural history artist.

Now that Im back in the studio with my head down and bum up as wed say, I wanted to take a little moment to share the links to this interview for you to enjoy too. Thanks Jacksons art for including me in your botanical artists interviews article… It was a lot of fun, I especially enjoyed your question ‘do you travel much’ and I knew wed get there in the end!

Enjoy 🙂