Yellow Lotus Botanical Painting’

Yellow Lotus Botanical Painting ~ 24x40cms ~ Watercolour – SOLD

Taken from WIP blog ‘With its butter warm palette, splashed with delicate greens and the tinges of powdery blue to break it all up with interest, it was exactly the change I had been looking for. The compositionΒ shows the flower, the seed capsule and the dragonfly, so commonly seen resting amongst the Lotus, and the painting itself reflects the subjects simplicity, delicacy, elegance and purity of this subject… so perfect for botanical painting

The seed capsule bring a new range of colour and texture to the painting, its gorgeous blue top bringing a wonderful new point of interest to the image. The dragonfly tells a greater story of pond life and the environment as a whole, adding an element of interest and whimsy to the painting too. And so i got started, laying my lightest yellows in watercolour in to start with, broken up by the tinges of green. Layer upon layer the richness is developed until the flower and seed pod came together. Work on the dragonfly is so intricate, tiny brushes and dry brushing to capture him nicely. Finally, the stems tie all the elements together for a simple, delicious end result, and the completion of my ‘Yellow’ Lotus botanical painting’

Original painting ~ SOLD

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