Calling Spring ~ Wren and Autumn Leaves in Watercolour

Calling Spring ~ Wren and Autumn Leaves in Watercolour – Available

Calling Spring is a 20x30cm study of the seasons in the beautiful, delicate watercolour medium. With a focus on the gorgeous, more delicate colours of Autumn, this sweet little bird painting is also a follow-on from my Online Watercolour Painting Tutorial ~ Chasing Autumn.

This piece was created as an extension of the watercolour techniques and painting approaches covered in the painting tutorial. It gives you a more in depth example of how what we learned can be expanded upon and applied in more complex applications, typical of my work.

Every painting has its own energy and emotion to it, and I personally love the rich, somehow comforting, earthy mood and story that this watercolour tells. It is a simple tale, a wet old day at the tail end of the season and a sweet little wren, sprightly as ever as she bounces about in her beautiful amber flushed tree, calling out for the Spring to come its way soon… and it is!

In fact, Ive managed to complete this piece just as the last days of winter pass us by and the promise of the new season is upon us, but I do love to make the most of the autumn colours in my paintings each year. It is such a wonderful time of year, and for an artist it is simply a dreamy overload of colour and beauty to explore.

Calling Spring is currently available, so please let me know if youd like to call it your own!