Magnolia Botanical Painting

Magnolia Botanical Painting ~ 28x38cm ~ Watercolour – SOLD

\You know that one of my very favourite subjects for botanical painting is the Magnolia. Theres something about the texture and rich palette that draws me in every time with the same energy and enthusiasm I took to them the very first time. The connection grows I feel towards them grows with every piece, refining my skills with every attempt and variation to achieve some of my best work. It is not just the subject for accuracy I pursue, my botanical art must capture the very essence and life force of my subjects to really sing. It is a pursuit that I shall never tire of.

This is the second in my collection of mixed magnolia botanical illustrations. I love the delicate, contrasting grouping of the different varieties in my compositions, and to represent the glorious diversity the magnolia comes in. As botanical art they are timeless and elegant subjects, and there will no doubt be more of these collection pieces to come.

This original watercolour painting is SOLD