Hummingbird and Tabebuia – Miniature

Hummingbird and Tabebuia – Miniature – Original artwork is SOLD

Hummingbird and Tabebuia is a new miniature painting Ive just completed in watercolour, and is my very first hummingbird painting! Like most of us, Ive always been fascinated by these incredible little birds, but only recently saw my first hummingbird in real life in California late last year. I was as mesmerised as I had expected I would be, and have been busting to paint one ever since I returned home to my studio… no surprises there!

A wonderful Brazilian bird photographer Marcelo Marena helped me out with this gorgeous hummingbird reference, which is such a critical element in making this little painting possible of course. Take a moment to visit his site if you have a moment, his work is really wonderful and only wets my appetite for up coming Brazil travels even more. The work and generosity of people like him play such a role in work like mine continuing to grow into new realms, for which I am always grateful.

Ive illustrated the South American Tabebuia before, but it is such a remarkably, overwhelmingly spectacular tree that I was excited to work with it again in this joyful little painting. It was certainly a challenging subject thanks to its tiny size, iridescent feathers and intricacy, but for all its fussing, tiny brushwork, and my newly banged up painting fingers, I am very happy with the final results. Of course the original really sings with colour and delicacy that simply wont play nicely for me here like I want it but some colours just seem so hard to capture well.

This tiny painting certainly packs a bold punch for colour and makes me excited to be exploring far more of South Americas dramatic natural history in my work in coming months. I have my tickets in my hand now, I am Brazil bound very soon, my mind ticks faster with each passing day, and I am readier than ever!!