Rose Robin and Magnolias

Rose Robin – A miniature in acrylics – 160x135mm – Original SOLD

Stealing a little time amongst all things on the go at the minute, I have been exploring acrylics and Im loving it!

The Rose Robin image was gifted to me by a wonderful bird photographer Alison Nisbett, and I couldnt resist him. I began creating this miniature with it, placing the bird onto a cluster of beautiful branches where the magnolia flowers break, just to see how how Id go applying the new medium to my usual work. It is important to me to keep the same look and feel of my watercolour paintings, but to keep expanding and growing in my scope. I have to say I love the results, the painting looks and feels beautiful and I am extremely keen to try bird painting acrylics again.

This piece was created with no intention other than to love my painting time amongst my usual pressing workload, bringing its own balance to my head and heart as I work through another busy week. He is a remedy, a beauty and a giver, and was sold to another who shared its joy. Thanks everyone, your enthusiasm on this painting means a lot to me as I work on expanding my skills, knowledge and work into new territory.