Ironbark Eucalyptus ~ Botanical Study

Ironbark Eucalyptus ~ A4 Botanical Study in Watercolour ~ Victorian Catchment Management Council Commission – SOLD

Created for the Victorian Catchment Management Council’s 20th anniversary celebrations, this A4 botanical illustration captures the beauty of theΒ Mugga Ironbark or Eucalyptus sideroxylonΒ and will be used across several applications for this event. I know it will look wonderful and I am really looking forward to seeing the results.

With its delicate clusters of pink flowers ranging from soft peachy pinks to delicious rich pinks, hanging like cascades of fairies skirts from rich red stems, it is a long time favourite subject of mine. Thrilled with their subject choice, I jumped into this painting with enthusiasm, keen to tackle the definite challenge of painting eucalyptus blossom in watercolour.

The addition of its beautiful sage blue green leaves trimmed with the same rich reds brought this piece together beautifully, making a gorgeous final painting and so importantly, another very happy customer.

This painting is another addition to my ongoing collection of Australian native botanical illustrations. Initially commissioned by Australian Geographic for their magazine, these published artworks also appear on the Australian Geographic website which features our wonderful Australian Floral Emblems. Mugga Ironbark Eucalyptus painting is the 18th in this series or artworks and is sold