TOUCAN Painting Tutorial Now LIVE ON UDEMY

TOUCAN Painting Tutorial Now LIVE ON UDEMY

toucan bird painting course tutorial in watercolour

Yes, now you can enjoy my TOUCAN painting tutorial in watercolour over on UDEMY… If you access it via this link, your purchase actually comes to me completely, not to the host, so thank you in advance for your support. It matters, makes a huge difference to me being able to keep creating, and I appreciate it 🙏🏻

My Patreon Painting Lessons cover a range of new painting tutorials in watercolour, with a new subject and challenge every month. These courses go live to my Patreon students first, but after a 3 month exclusivity period, some of these courses are made available on UDEMY. With over 20,500 students enjoying my learning program over there, and my courses ranking in the top 4% of over 100,000 courses available on the platform, the much requested expansion into bird illustration has finally begun for you to enjoy.

today is the day!

Yep, today is the day! The TOUCAN painting lesson in watercolor is finally available to you, offering students on the UDEMY platform a wonderful opportunity to now enjoy this remarkable painting subject with me. This course seems to explore all the colours in the rainbow I am sure! A larger subject this time, the toucan is a striking bird, known all around the world for its uniqueness, beauty and outrageous colour, so what better subject to capture together than this, especially as I walk you through every tip, trick and challenge to keep you on track and learning plenty. Its an essential addition to my series of bird painting tutorials and I am very excited to share it with you on this alternative platform.

Yes, this course walks you through the painting process, end to end, helping you to create your very own toucan painting in watercolour. Often associated with soft, loose and flimsy colours, this certainly will not be the case here! In this course we will create vibrant, precise, intense colours, with our watercolour, just as it is in life. Painting in a realistic style, we will learn about more about our materials, colour, applying large, the all important element of timing, pigment rich layers of wash, and the painting techniques and approaches needed to build, refine and achieve a realistic outcome. Certainly youll learn a lot along the way trying and thats the main goal.

I will show you how we can deconstruct a complex subject, breaking it down into simple manageable steps, single or simple colour use and approaches to reconstruct our painting to completion. Its not all easy, but a huge part of the joy in this work is the learning, conquering the challenges, and play, so put any uncertainty aside and walk with me through the process, one step at a time!

This course is graded as a Level 3 exercise, or colour coded RED course, as it includes a fair amount of complexity within the subject, but dont fear! My courses are designed for students of all levels, set to expand your learning around bird painting and watercolour even more, so dont confuse this with being ‘too hard’ at all. Its an ideal painting exercise to grow your knowledge, whilst having fun with this beautiful new bird focus so if you love the subject and want to get playing with large areas of wash, gorgeous, diverse and intense colour, rich tone and beautiful texture, this is the course for you!

An exacting craft, this work is especially suited to nature lovers, for those with an eye for detail, or for those wanting to develop it. If thats you, youre definitely in the right place. Whats most important is enjoying the process, learning a bunch and having fun creating. When you start there, youre already in the right place.

This Painting Lesson will offer you a taste of many of the essential ingredients in both bird illustration, and managing the watercolourmedium more effectively. I have already seen some wonderful paintings emerging from this course over on Patreon and I have every confidence, and have seen it many many times, how the results surprise my students. I welcome you to join me here for the same, so let me guide you through this wonderful process in this course, from start to finish and see what we can create together. I shall see you in the wash! Heidi

I’d like to send a huge thank you on behalf of us all to Corey Raffel for generously allowing us to work from his stunning ‘Toucan’ image. Without this gift, wed be so much poorer! Thank you so much, we love our Toucan


dont forget… theres always more!

If you do want to continue learning with me, why not join our growing PATREON COMMUNITY where we enjoy a new nature inspired realistic painting lesson every month in a friendly learning environment. I also share other exclusive content there, long and longer form video, insights to projects and behind the scenes content to enjoy. Of course wed love to have you on board, helping me to keep helping you with your support 🙏🏻 You can see more painting lesson trailers of whats on offer here – The latest lesson SCARLET ROBIN goes live on May 8!

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