I know I know…. Its super exciting!! Yes, next months PATREON PAINTING LESSON nears closer by the day, but no fear, I have been working steadily away on this new online painting lesson for you, and its all set to go live for your enjoyment on May 8.

Adding to my current and growing series of bird illustration courses that are now available online, were deep diving into another gorgeous feathered friend this month, with the SCARLET ROBIN. Its one of my favourite birds, painting subjects and now, top choices for a wonderful painting lesson focus. I am confident youll enjoy this subject and course so much and Im so looking forward to seeing you all jump into the journey of this sweet painting and subject.

Capturing this tiny, magical little bird in watercolour, we will deep dive into this small bird painting, with its wild splash of scarlet colour on the belly, its delicate textures and absolute beauty. Its a really fun little painting tutorial packed once again with plenty of step by step learning, all based around this wonderful craft of realistic watercolour painting and bird illustration.



dont forget… theres more!!!

Yes its true… There are quite a few other online painting tutorials to enjoy these days, returning to BOTANICAL ILLUSTRATION for a little change in Aprils watercolor painting lesson, exploring all the beautiful painting challenges that come with this rain drop covered PERSIMMON fruit. It is rich, deliciously coloured and it a wonderful painting lesson to play with indeed. But of course, over on Patreon, we also have the SEAGULL portrait, SPLENDID FAIRYWREN, TOUCAN and the BUMBLEBEE to play with if botanicals isnt your thing… but of course it is! Well, now the SCARLET ROBIN is added to the offerings, and there is plenty more to come yet so if you are keen to learn more, this is just the place to be ⭐️


Choosing what to focus on each month is definitely a challenge. There are so many options and gorgeous subjects to explore with you… and we have to select just one at a time. Its so unfair really..! There are many considerations that come into what I select and why though, thoughts are around our enjoyment, the lessons focus, and finding the most suitable subjects for students to work with. Each is carefully considered and chosen to meet all of these important criteria for my students and more, and im thrilled to turn our focus this time to our little Robin in scarlet.

Once again, my friend and photographer Peter Caddy has so kindly offered us to work from his gorgeous Scarlet Robin image, for which I am so grateful. It has been a total delight to delve into, and its a wonderful opportunity to learn more about realistic watercolour painting techniques. Its wonderful news that I now have a couple of awesome, new photographers that have agreed to com on board with us with fantastic new images to work with, for even better painting lessons and broader lessons ahead. Its a wonderful thing and Im looking forward to sharing a range of photographers work and subjects to explore in the coming months. How lucky are we!

In other news, my first Patreon Painting Lesson SPLENDID FAIRYWREN in Watercolour has now been released on my UDEMY Channel, offering you another chance to enjoy this course outside of my Patreon Community. PATREON not only helps you, your support there literally keeps me creating for you too, so its important, but if it isnt for you, I offer a selection of online painting tutorials and courses over on the UDEMY platform that are right there at your fingertips, whenever youre ready too. With all courses on offer to my PATREON community first, I have begun crossing the first ones over to UDEMY now too. With a 3 month gap, the TOUCAN illustration tutorial is set to go live for you there now too. I cant wait to see more toucans emerging from this course.

So there really is something on offer for everyone, so why not take the step into your creative self, give yourself a little creative self care, learn a new craft, improve one you already love and join me for whichever course takes your fancy. I look forward to working with you and to bringing you plenty more learning and painting tutorials in the future. I must say, I have seen just the best work coming out of these courses, and I am so impressed and proud of you all! If you even want to know more about what courses I have on offer, you can always access these from the CLASSROOM TAB of my website.

realistic bird illustration watercolour watercolor


Brushes…? Yes, I have my own brand and they are available to you too…

I also have my OWN RANGE OF PAINT BRUSHES available now too. You can check those out and purchase them from The Art Scene if youre keen to use the very same materials I use myself. They are affordable and durable, they are shipped with the sleeves on, yaye, and now Ive brought them to you all which is a really exciting development all round. If you lose your way to this post, remember you can always find the links, info and faaaaar more, on the HOME PAGE of my website.