This video is also available on YT, but its a great place to start out exploring the world of field work before creating new content for you guys here in due course. Field work is the heart and soul behind any of my paintings, especially my major works. Sometimes the process is extremely simple and momentary. Sometimes, its really not! Those epic journeys are my favourite adventures and produce my best work.

In the case of my Hyacinth Macaws and Lecythis major work, I travelled to Brazil to research and gather reference. It was epic. In fact Ill say they were some of the very best days of my life. Post crazy times, Im yet to return to working in my old way, but I still hope and dream of both the adventure and creating paintings in this major work series… my truest work as I call it.

To test things out Id like to start sharing this story with you here. I hope you enjoy the insight of the efforts that went into sourcing the remarkable Lecythis trees alone, and that Ill be back to more of the same for you soon 💙