Whats coming up for our March painting lesson together? Well I wanted to work with you all on something that was relevant to my own experiences this month, traveling and adventuring in beautiful Tasmania for our wonderful painting retreat. 

The Bumblebees are always so captivating there, and every visit I find myself lost like a kid in another world, consumed with chasing them all over the place. I never tire of that! What better subject to explore together than the bumblebee? Its always a favourite, and for good reason, and I wanted to share a little more of this magic with you here. 

This painting lesson is about working small and being as exquisite as we can be. We will be working with simple colour use, textural layers in repetition, and dry brushing painting techniques to practice and cement our lesson focuses. 

This lesson also has an additional section, requested by my recent students, which looks at the deeper process from field to painting, understanding and overcoming reference and painting challenges better. Its a fun ‘food for thought’ element to this lesson that takes a little look at converting and rebirthing your reference, creating better compositions to work from. 

So thats whats coming up in March, and itll be live for you to enjoy on the 8th. Im looking forward to sharing this sweet bumblebee study with you, and to seeing your paintings  ⭐️