It’s so easy to be swallowed up by all things. Time ticks by so fast and balance can be compromised in the haste of everything with it, but returning to nature, even if brief, can be so restorative and rebalancing… and thats exactly what we did this morning.

As you know, it’s also the source of my inspiration and a big part of my world too. Lately I’ve been so busy it seems impossible to find time even for the little things, but this morning we made time and it was so beautiful out there.

We met with friends on the back roads of home, surrounded by a comforting, damp fog which was so lovely. Mysterious and sheltering on a trail quite familiar, it seemed like a whole new world and adventure lay waiting for us. All be it a tiny adventure nothing beets that feeling of freedom and anticipation, hitting the road for a new exploration.

The birds were rowdy this morning too, perhaps relieved by the momentary cooler air and the abundance of gum blossom smothering the trees. It was a bounty for us all, right there at our very own backdoor.

Cockatoos had been through the canopy, sending bunches or eucalyptus blossom tumbling down to our feet, a botanical artist in the bush’s best friend! I looked like a wildling, a bush bride, skipping along the rocky path with bunches of snipped flowers in hand. It’s my happy place. Always was, always will be.

I wanted to paint it all.

Rushing ahead with my steady walking pace, tempered by my tendency to be distracted by every pretty, curious and interesting thing in such places that catches my eye, it’s a game of hurry up and wait… but our friends know me by now, picking up pace as I stream ahead, waiting patiently as I marvel over the 734585269th blossom flower in an ever so slightly different shade of colour in awe and delight. What am I to do? It is a great love affair 💚

‘My love! Can’t you see it’s just green… its all just green’ My Carlos says with a supportive, knowing and cheeky smile, recounting our 3 hour walks that become 10 to our friends. I recall why I’ve always travelled solo and smile back at him, both of us knowing we’d have it no other way… It’s all just green. What about that brown snake then hey? It needed no pointing out!

Anyway, our destination this morning was this secret pool in the middle of the bush, and suddenly there it was, perched at the base of a sheer edge, overhanging another drop below. It’s just our kind of thing. Clambering downwards with a scramble hindered by ageing knees, we reached the pool for a cooling off and departed for home as the fog lifted to reveal the 30 degree day it sheltered us from…. just in time for breakfast.

Renewal! Happy Sunday everyone, I hope you’re having a green day 🥰