Drink Illustrations – The Grounds of Alexandria

Drink Illustrations – The Grounds of Alexandria

Its that time again, fresh additions to the Grounds cocktail menu, and I love it! Yes I have a new series of amazing, beautiful, sumptuous, miniature drink illustrations underway for one of my very favourite clients, The Grounds of Alexandria. Two illustrations turned to three, which turned to five… and the rest. Thats the nature of working with visionaries, neither of us are likely to stop finding new ideas and projects to work on, or to compromise on a vision and we put everything into bringing it to life in the most beautiful way possible… and to seize the day!

‘We are hard working women…’ the last email read at midnight on Friday, to which i replied ‘owww yep, we are…’ at a little past the hour as both of us were still awake working. Some would think thats a bad idea, but chasing dreams and giving it all you have is one of the most worthy things I can honestly think of, and to work with those who pursue it the same way, is an amazing thing. Certainly, results dont tend to happen by themselves and so I burned the midnight hours, totally ensconced in this new series of micro illustrations and in a heartbeat another weekend slipped by me.


heidi-willis_artist_illustrator_watercolour-1 copyheidi-willis_artist_illustrator_watercolour-3

Measuring a micro 8cms in size, I have grown very fond of these tiny watercolour illustrations over the years working with The Grounds. Though small, each little artwork are so jammed packed with intricate detail, such gorgeous colour and life, and fabulous compositions with punctuations of the most beautiful botanical elements, each telling their very own little story… the incredible attention to detail, so typical of everything the Grounds do. I must say, they are a most delightful painting challenge.

This series features a delicious array of fresh cucumber and mint, violas, sunflowers, roses, calendula, passionfruit, melon, lychees and orange, sprigs of babies breath, rosemary and thyme, cut crystal, wood, terracotta and metallic surfaces… and trust me, they taste as good as they look! Im looking forward to seeing these new baby watercolour drink illustrations in the menu, I think it will look beautiful.