Gouldian Finch Illustration

Gouldian Finch Illustration – Watercolour – 25×18 cms – SOLD

The Gouldian Finch illustration is the first in my new series of Australian Finches, all rendered in watercolour. I love these tiny birds, recalling working in far north Queensland some years ago amongst a breeding program that was being run in the wetlands I  called home during my residency. They are so magical, almost fantastical with their incredible colours and beauty. Of course I was really excited to capture the gouldian finch in this series. Deciding on a small composition of lotus seed capsules to compliment the painting seemed an obvious choice having witnessed this myself. So we have the finished Gouldian finch illustration ready to head off to its new home. I know it will be very well loved!

You can learn more about this finch illustration series in my blog post