Watercolour Chickadee Painting

Watercolour Chickadee Painting – SOLD

My new commission is a beautiful combination of travel memories and wonderful sights that spread from my experiences from USA to Nepal during my Everest trek last year in watercolour. Chasing the Everest trail up and downwards again on my return I drifted through a gorgeous patch of apple orchard in blossom, nestled snugly into the mountainside village, catching the clear morning light as I passed by. It was just so divine. Although its not a Nepalese, I couldnt help but pause to take it in a while, the beauty of solo trekking, snapping a series of images of the show as I went knowing someday I will return… both to the photos and the mountains!

My more recent travels to Birds In Art in the USA saw me returning to the open deck catching the little warmth of the suns rays as the fall colour began to sink in around me, watching the unimaginably sweet chickadees bounce about on the bird feeders strung racoon proof from the branch of the oak tree. Cardinals, jays, woodpeckers and a general abundance of birds mixed in with the occasional rogue red squirrel keeps me amused like a kid every time.

And with these two moments combined comes my watercolour Chickadee commission, set for its new home in the States. Vast origins and experiences captured in one exquisite little painting sounds exactly right to me and so I have spent quite some time on this piece, bringing it through to a really sweet close at last. Thanks for following!

Chickadee Painting is SOLD but please let me know if youd like to discuss a commission just right for you.