Large Commercial Illustration ~ A New Painting On The Drawing Board!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 | 8:55 pm | Media

Large Commercial Illustration ~ A New Painting On The Drawing Board ~ 1580 x 890mm ~ Acrylic on Canvas

My new illustration project is a fairly large undertaking not only in size, but because its an especially whimsical piece for me… and perhaps most interestingly, because it is to be rendered in acrylics this time. Measuring 1580 x 890mm in size, this original artwork will make a wonderful feature in whats set to be a spectacular new home.

Actually this painting brings a significant change of pace to my usual work on several levels, but its such a fun project to take on for a truly wonderful client, making it impossible to say no to. Working in acrylics is something Ive been wanting to play with for a very long time, so this brief is also a perfect opportunity to put my hand to a new ideas and to a new medium.

Once your career, medium and genre becomes established, the opportunity to diversify from your known specialty can actually become quite rare. We tend to become recognized for a specific specialty as our work evolves and in return, the demand for that work can hold us in quite a tight groove from which we operate. This can be an extremely positive key to success as an illustrator as it creates momentum, recognition and a demand for your ‘brand’, but we must be careful it doesn’t make us rigid or limited in our work. If we really want to excel in our craft, we must continue to expand and explore new boundaries, to think outside our usual boxes, and to embrace new challenges no matter how capable you become.

Whilst our experience in this narrow field allows us to produce quality illustration work more reliably, consistently and with far more slickness, a real professional must also be adaptable. This requires you to turn your hand to new ideas, skills, styles and of course, sometimes mediums. For me, this project is an ideal chance to extend my skills, and to enjoy a perfect, productive reprieve from my usual groove, to discover new things, and to ultimately continue growing as an artist.

Aside from anything else, this project is just so much fun. With its whimsical flavour and quirky character, Im excited that the final layout has just been approved by my client – and I am all set to start. I cant divulge the entire piece or its ultimate location for this just yet, but this rather unique painting is certainly heading off to a fantastic home when its done, and the updates will come! In the meantime I am able to share snippets of the progress and I hope youll enjoy following along with me over the next few weeks… Im looking forward to this new challenge, so lets get started.

heidi willis_commercial_painting_illustration

The past couple of days have been spent drawing up and roughing in my image to get a sense of how it all works. Being the first time Ive worked in acrylics, I have all the usual battles on my hands, as well as familiarising myself with a new medium… but i am just LOVING the crash course. It didnt take long to get the feel of the acrylic paints, and soon enough it really started to ‘click’ for me. I worked till the wee hours of the morning last night, clocking up about 14 hours straight yesterday before kicking off at dawn again this morning. I guess thats a mix of determination, persisting and enjoying the new process. I have a looooong way to go of course, but my little chickens face has begun to emerge quite nicely. Back to the drawing board, I am continuing to work on roughing in the surrounds with improvements evident with every step. Could this be my neeeew medium? Ill definitely play with it again!

Heidi Willis_Illustration

Recent work has been focussed on the internal area of a commercial factory scene, its machinery and general operations… Some areas are just loosely roughed in here, whilst other areas are a more complete. I think its coming together quite nicely

heidi willis_commercial illustration



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