Oooooh, I am really excited about this one! 

As many of you already know, I share an in depth painting lesson in watercolour every month over on our PATREON COMMUNITY, based around a new and unique illustration subject. On June 8, itll be time to share the new months offering with you, and I am really looking forward to it! Lets take a look at our subject and learn more about this new deep dive and wonderful focal painting lesson subject.

BUTTERFLY STUDY – Paint Realistic Watercolour and NATURE, steps further into the magical world of natural history illustration in my favourite painting medium, watercolour. Speaking of this magical world, what could encapsulate this sense better than a butterfly, I ask you!

Continuing my quest to expand on my original teachings of BOTANICAL ILLUSTRATION to cover all facets of my own work, knowledge, teachings and loves for you, this BUTTERFLY course explores another of my favourite painting subjects from the natural world, and I am really excited about it! In time I hope to create many on this endless, fascinating, diverse and stunning focal subject, but in this course we step into our first study of Danaus chrysippus, an ideal choice so generously provided to us for this course by photographer Pablo Martinez-Darve Sanz. 

This gorgeous butterfly is an ideal starting place for us to step into and learn a little of the foundations of butterfly illustration. Designed as a fun, refreshing and slightly lighter weight course, this lesson is aimed at improving your realistic watercolour painting skills, confidence, improving your wash quality, practicing transitional or graduating colours in a wash, creating smooth textures and making a simpler colour palette sing in your paintings. This is also excellent practice to preparing you for more complex painting challenges and subjects to come. Most of all, its beautiful, and its fun!

I am so excited to bring this lesson to you and to help you grow along your painting pursuits with such a fabulous exercise as this offers us. This BUTTERFLY lesson is for everyone, new to experienced, so if you love the subject and want to get playing with some gorgeous, intense colour, tone and texture, this is the course for you! I will be walking you through every step of the way, explaining the processes, colours and painting techniques to give you a fantastic, successful outcome.

An exacting craft, this work is especially suited to nature lovers, for those with an eye for detail, or for those wanting to develop it. If thats you, youre definitely in the right place. Whats most important is enjoying the process, learning a bunch and having fun creating. When you start there, youre already in the right place.

This course will offer you a taste of many of the essential ingredients in both realistic illustration, and managing the watercolour medium more effectively, so check out the sneak peek for this online butterfly painting tutorial and jump right in for some creative fun and learning on this stunning subject. I have every confidence, and have seen it many many time, how the results surprise my students and I welcome you to join me here for the same… So let me guide you through this wonderful process in this course, from start to finish and see what we can create together.

For those wanting the formal butterfly name, I believe this is ‘Danaus chrysippus’

You can take a look at our painting lesson offerings and sneak peeks to pick and choose what appeals to you most. All being something new to the table, but as the months pass by, more and more options will become available to you. I look forward to seeing you in our creative community and to working with you more.

Dont forget, I also have a range of online painting courses offered on Udemy. With over 20,500 students joining me there and being in the top 4% of over 100,000 course options available there, you can see theres plenty to learn!