Blossom and Rose Robin Painting – ‘The Bird and the Bee’

Blossom and Rose Robin Painting – ‘The Bird and the Bee’ – Watercolour – Approx 18x18cms – Original is SOLD

My Blossom and Rose Robin painting, ‘The Bird and the Bee’, is a beautiful bird study in watercolour inspired by a combination of references, experiences and moments. The bird reference came with thanks to my photography friend Alison Nisbett, the blossom was a showy roadside vision I was lucky to stumble across through the spring in its full glory. Cascades of flowers, lichens clutching to the branches. an overwhelming visual treat… Together they are such a magical delicate marriage.

I love the pose of this Rose Robin, peering wistfully out into the distance, it seems so present and free in its story. The gentle criss cross of the blossom branches adorned with the blossom brings such beauty and promise to the overall sense of the moment. I also love the interaction of the pinks, one so fantastical continue to be amazed by this incredible bird, the other ever so subtle in its pinks with a lick of blue subtly cooling it down, separating it so gently from the raging rose robins belly.

Another delightful feature of this rose robin painting is the inclusion of the bee amongst the blossoms, complete with a flush of metallic silver pigment to create the wonderful translucent silver sheen to his wings to bring a new dimension of depth, attention to detail and fun in the painting.

You can learn a little more about this painting in my blog post of the painting in process, or take a look at my YouTube Channel for time lapse clips of paintings in progress.

Blossom and Rose Robin painting, ‘The Bird and the Bee’ is now SOLD but please let me know if you have any enquiry on commissions or other works. Thanks for following!