Splendid Wren and Grevillea insignis

Splendid Wren and Grevillea insignis – approx 16×16 cms – Watercolour – SOLD

This painting is a small study of the remarkable Splendid Wren nestled amongst a delicate array of the soft pink flowers and gorgeous blue green foliage of the Grevillea insignis. Both are subjects Ive wanted to capture for some time now so i thought it was a perfect start back to my studio after my USA Birds In Art travels.

Delicate work like this study really tests your technical skills for rendering, the incredible colours of the Splendid Wren especially require a thorough understanding of colour and a complex blue palette, so it was a wonderful painting exercise all round. Peter Caddy captured this beautiful wren for me whilst the grevillea is one Ive studied many times in the past year or 5, the two marrying together so well for this painting.

The recent run of miniature bird paintings sparked several great discussions on botanical, bird and natural history painting styles… with backgrounds in my ‘usual style’, and without backgrounds in a classical ‘study style’ which I also love to explore. I decided it was time for me to work on a new collection of small bird and botanical pieces with simple white backgrounds, ‘Splendid Wren and Grevillea’ being the first painting in this style. I adore the look of these pieces, so simple (but not!) elegant and sweet.

I hope you enjoy this painting. If youd like to know more about its creation, visit my blog post on this piece or take a moment to watch the evolution on my YouTube Channel sometime to learn more.

This painting isΒ now SOLD, thank you